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5 features Fortnite Season 6 update needs to include

Published: 5/Mar/2021 17:32

by Daniel Megarry


From major map updates to weapon modifications, there are plenty of things we want to see change in Fortnite Season 6 for it to be a success.

Season 5 definitely had its standout moments: The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda kicked things off with a welcome crossover, the new Salty Towers POI became a hotspot for kills, and Predator was one of the best boss fights we’ve seen so far.

But beyond the pop-culture crossovers and occasional map change, many players were left wanting more, especially when it came to actual gameplay. Now, attention turns to Season 6, which is expected to debut shortly after Season 5 ends on March 15, 2021.


It’s been a long time since a new seasonal update arrived, so we’ve had plenty of time to put together a wish list of things we want to see change.

New Fortnite map

Fortnite Zero Point Destabilizing
Epic Games
A map overhaul would freshen things up.

Listen, we know the chances of an entirely new map are slim-to-none, and if it ever did happen it would most likely occur at the beginning of a new Chapter. But this would arguably be the most exciting (and unexpected) thing the game could throw out right now. If battle royales like Warzone and Apex Legends can have multiple maps, why can’t Fortnite?

If a new island is too much to expect, then map changes are surely on the menu. New POIs are always welcome, but changing the structure and layout of The Island would definitely go a step further. One thing Season 5 got right was sand tunneling, and more terrain-based mechanics like that would be ideal.


More original Fortnite lore (and fewer crossovers)

Dive Loading Screen
Epic Games
Fortnite players are craving more original storylines.

As Fortnite Season 5 has progressed, it’s become evident that the ‘bounty hunter’ theme was pretty much an excuse for Epic to cram as many pop-culture crossovers into the game as possible.

Now don’t get us wrong, it’s great seeing the likes of Chun-Li and Master Chief in the game. But it does feel like these skins have come at the expense of progressing the game’s original storylines, or providing significant updates.

Back when Fortnite started as a humble newcomer in 2017, it wasn’t big enough to attract crossovers with major pop culture franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics, but it was still a smash hit. If Epic wants to please all players, it needs to find a sweet spot between original content and franchise mashups.


Better mid-season patches

Fortnite Updates
Epic Games
Patch updates were disappointing in Season 5.

One of the most common complaints we’ve seen from Fortnite players throughout Season 5 is that things got stale very quickly, and it certainly feels like it’s going out with a whimper rather than a bang.

In fairness, there were a couple of mid-season updates that Epic absolutely nailed. Predator completely switched up Stealthy Stronghold and gave players a boss fight that felt genuinely challenging, while a POI based on the iconic Cantina from Star Wars was a great easter egg for sci-fi fans. But aside from that, what was there to hold our attention? Not a lot, really.


Leveling up the Battle Pass with weekly challenges will only keep people interested for so long, especially when many dedicated fans hit that Level 100 landmark halfway through the season. More interesting updates in Season 6 should be a top priority for the developers – ideally more than just an unvaulted weapon here and there.

Weapon modifications

Epic Games
Weapon mods are long overdue in Fortnite.

One of the best features of Apex Legends is the ability to modify your weapons during a match. We don’t expect Fortnite to bring in the same amount of customization, as the game’s unique selling point is its simplicity in comparison to the other battle royale titles. But even a small amount of mod options would add a whole new level of depth.


It’s not just a dream feature, either, as leaks from the beginning of Season 5 revealed that in-game weapon mods were being tested by Epic. The so-called Weapon Mod Slots will supposedly allow for multiple abilities or attachments per weapon, with players able to add or drop the mods at any time.

Imagine being able to install a thermal scope to your Assault Rifle, or adding bolts to your Shotgun to increase its rate of fire? It could easily be a game-changer. There’s no release date for these weapon mods yet, but it would make sense for them to debut in Season 6.

Increased player capacity

Fortnite Supply Drop
Epic Games
More players would help increase the pace in Fortnite.

People have been asking for this one for a while now, but with games like Call of Duty: Warzone changing the battle royale landscape when it comes to the number of people that can take part in a single online match, it’s about time Epic followed suit.

It doesn’t need to be the insane 200 player limit Warzone recently introduced through limited-time modes. If Epic started out at 125, then maybe moved up to 150, that would be a good tweak. This would hopefully help matches feel more ‘alive’ and intense, as quite often it can feel like you’re wandering around an empty island.

With Season 6 of Fortnite expected to arrive around March 16, make sure you visit our dedicated Fortnite hub for the latest news, leaks, and guides.