Fortnite players can’t stop looking at the Chun-Li Street Fighter skin

David Purcell
fortnite street fighter skinEpic Games

Epic Games introduced a new Fortnite Street Fighter skin based on Chun-Li and players just can’t stop looking at it, for some reason. 

The game’s community will be no stranger to crossovers, as it’s been a long-term goal for its developers to bring loads of games to life in their battle royale experience.

In Season 5, it kicked off with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. While players were delighted about their arrival, along with the new Mando ship POI, there’s a very different level of hype around the Street Fighter skin – added on February 20.

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People can’t stop talking about it and more to the point, they also can’t stop looking at it either. It’s actually getting rather weird.

street fighter ryu and chun liEpic Games
Fortnite revealed the skins would be coming to the Item Shop in February.

Fortnite Street Fighter skin becomes fan-favorite

The Street Fighter skins include both Ryu and Chun-Li. Both of them have been applauded in terms of their appearance by the community, with some saying it’s strange seeing either of them wield a weapon.

For Chun-Li, though, the hype levels have flew through the roof. A load of high profile players have been sharing videos of the character, like Liquid Stretch, dancing around using specific emotes.

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For some reason, the character is getting a lot of fanfare.

If you still haven’t worked out why people are interested, perhaps Arturo’s tweet below might explain things a little better.

Apex Legends players experienced something quite similar when Loba was introduced to the game, leading to a load of comments made in jest about her assets.

The skin is available in the Fortnite Item Shop and can be purchased by players. Whether or not the hype around it on social media leads to a spike in those bought remains to be seen, but some people are certainly getting carried away by what they see.

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