Myth pleads with Epic Games to not "screw up" Fortnite Season 11

Fortnite streaming star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabani has issued an incredibly hyped rallying cry for Season 11, pleading with Epic Games to not screw it up.

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The countdown to Fortnite Season 11 is almost at an end as fans have been gearing up for the finale event to Season 10. For weeks, players have been watching the Rocket be constructed at Dusty Depot as The Visitor completes whatever he has up his sleeve.

As ever, a spanner was thrown in the works of Epic Games’ surprise as the Italian version of the Apple app store leaked ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ on October 11 – which hinted at a new map and took the excitement up another notch. That hype was on full display as Myth himself kicked his new season stream off with a bang. 

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Twitter: MythMyth is one of Twitch’s most popular Fortnite streamers.

A few minutes into his October 13 broadcast, the popular Fortnite streamer put himself in full view of his camera and started off a supremely hyped call to arms. 

“Yeah, Season 10 might have had Mechs, there might have been 300hp Ballers, Planes, even swords in the past brothers, but by good God’s might, let us clear the plate for Season 11!” Myth preached. “It is our time, it is what we were meant to do – we’ve been through the pain, and now we take on a journey to the future. Forward brothers!”

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Myth wasn’t finished there, though, as he turned his attention to how Fortnite players don’t want Epic Games to screw up the new season.  “It is now our time, more than ever, as Fortnite gamers to rise up,” he continued “Epic, you have a valiant mission as a company – do not, and I mean, do not screw this up!

“But, I don’t think you will I think you are prepared, I think you’ve trained, you’ve listened to the community enough. You’re ready and so am I – and that’s why I’m heading right into Season 11.”

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Whatever the developer has up their sleeve, be it a new map, or an even bigger overhaul, will be unveiled during the in-game ‘The End’ event. 

If you can’t jump into the battle royale and want to still watch the action unfold, don’t fret, as you can use our dedicated event hub to catch everything that happens.