Ninja explains why Fortnite Season 11 needs more than a new map

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Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Fortnite’s upcoming Season 11 following the major Chapter 2 leak.

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Fortnite fans were left shocked on October 11 when Apple’s official Italian App Store revealed a surprise listing for Fortnite Chapter 2. While some fans immediately assumed it was fake, one fan was able to record a video confirming its legitimacy.

The listing has sparked tons of theories about what is coming in Season 11, including a possible new map, and new mechanics – with content creators and leakers digging up any information they can get their hands on.

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NinjaNinja has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinions on Fortnite.

That has been no different with Ninja as he revealed his thoughts about the upcoming season during his stream alongside popular professional player Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore. 

“Season 11 is going to be a brand new map, and here’s the thing, we might get used to it really quickly,” Ninja stated. “What I mean by that is like, Fnatic MOTOR was like ‘Hey guys, I’m real excited, it’s gonna be great’ and I was like, it’s very important to realize that it took a really long time for everyone to get used to the original map of Fortnite and all the additions were so crazy.”

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Yet, the streaming star continued on, noting how players were not only learning the landscape, but also the key mechanics and how a mechanic change could restart the clock on what everyone knows about the battle royale.

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However, Ninja wasn’t finished there, as he reiterated his point and noted that he won’t be upset if there is a huge overhaul in the gameplay just lurking around the corner. 

“So, I kind of almost want Epic to really some new stuff – maybe, like a new mechanic that really is like going to mix things up,” he added. “I would not be angry if they changed a lot of the game, that’s all.

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While the majority of players are in the dark about what’s to come in the next update, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Ninja has had an early look at things and could be dropping some hints at a huge overhaul. 

Either way, it won’t be long before everyone else knows what’s in store as Fortnite Season 10 comes to a close with the in-game finale on Sunday, October 13.

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