Final Fantasy XVI Arcade Mode explained

Andrew Highton
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Square Enix is making Final Fantasy XVI a massive project, and Arcade Mode is one piece of the ever-evolving puzzle. We’ve got all the latest details on the JRPG’s new mode including its ties to Devil May Cry.

Gone are the days of the turn-based mechanics in Final Fantasy as Square Enix’s vision has changed in recent years. Final Fantasy XVI now adopts the real-time, action-based combat many know from 15. Not only that, but it seems that the devs are giving players a reason to excel in their combat.

Arcade Mode is a brand new addition to the franchise and it’s actually inspired by the famous hack ‘n’ slash series – Devil May Cry. It’s set to add even more replayability to the lengthy title – so here’s the latest on Final Fantasy XVI’s new game mode content.

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What is Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy XVI?

Final Fantasy XVI’s Arcade Mode is a score-based performance mode that rewards players for the efficiency and quality of their gameplay. Players will be graded after each encounter in a bid to set the highest score possible for a level.

Again, this draws a direct comparison to Devil May Cry’s tried and tested formula that sees Dante and its various characters being graded after every combat scenario.

Players will be able to use Arcade mode to replay various stages within the main game and try to set new best scores. Not only that but there will be online leaderboards where users will be able to test their performance against other players from around the world.

How to unlock Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy XVI

While it’s not confirmed just yet, it does appear that the main way to unlock Arcade Mode will be to complete the main game first.

Once you’ve done that and also have access to New Game Plus, Final Fantasy XVI fans can then make use of Arcade Mode too.

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