Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox or PC?

ff 16 clive holding swordSquare Enix

Microsoft fans want to know if Final Fantasy 16 is coming to Xbox or PC as the anticipated sequel in the legendary RPG series has gamers around the globe thrilled to get playing.

Some past iterations of the epic Final Fantasy saga have made their way onto Xbox and PC. This gives fans hope that Final Fantasy 16 might follow the same path.

Players know that when it comes to Final Fantasy, it’s more than just a game – it’s a legacy, a story that transcends generations. Hence, the desire to see it on Xbox is not just about platform preference, but the opportunity to continue being part of this extraordinary narrative.

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The question of Final Fantasy 16 on PC or Xbox has become a popular search among the gaming community – and why not? This news could potentially be a game-changer, so, will Final Fantasy 16 be skipping Microsoft platforms?

ifrit roaring in final fantasy 16Square Enix
Sony has had a long-standing relationship with Square Enix.

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox?

Final Fantasy 16 is not penciled in for any kind of release on either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

As a matter of fact, the game is scheduled to be a PS5-exclusive upon release and represents another massive coup for Sony. The blue brand has been considered the go-to for AAA, single-player gaming in recent years – with FF16 further highlighting this.

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Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to PC?

Like Xbox, Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t have a scheduled PC release lined up at any point.

Again, Sony has first dibs on Final Fantasy 16, but there’s a chance it could only be a timed exclusivity agreement in place. Meaning, as has been the case with other big-name titles such as God of War, Horizon, and more, there’s a good chance that Final Fantasy 16 will get a PC release later on down the road, whether it be in 2024 or beyond.

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