Does Final Fantasy XVI have multiplayer?

Andrew Highton
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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI represents the next giant chapter in the epic Final Fantasy saga. The series has touched upon single-player and multiplayer elements before, but will the new title include both forms of gameplay?

For the most part, Final Fantasy has always been a single-player experience with an emphasis on a character(s) tale being played out during an intense campaign. But Square Enix has deviated from this ideology on occasion, and fans are asking questions about Final Fantasy XVI.

Most notably, Final Fantasy XIV Online has garnered great success and sales as the franchise’s leading MMO. It showed just how interactive and compatible the series could be with multiplayer. Fast-forward to 2023, and with the release of Final Fantasy XVI, let’s see if you can enjoy the game with multiple players.

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Is Final Fantasy XVI going to have multiplayer?

Final Fantasy XVI is not going to include a multiplayer component, as confirmed by Square Enix themselves.

If you head on over to the official Square Enix Support Centre, this very query is addressed. Under a section concerning the game’s “Pricing, Compatibility, and Release date,” it confirms that the number of players is 1.

So, on launch day, Final Fantasy XVI will not feature multiplayer. However, as we’ve seen in the past, the devs could always implement an update. Final Fantasy 15 hit shelves as a single-player title, and it eventually added the “Comrades” update for multiplayer support.

In the same way that Final Fantasy games in the past have been timed exclusives and seen their original status change, stay tuned in case Square Enix does decide to exercise some kind of similar action with multiplayer in the game!

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