Final Fantasy XVI: Who is Benedikta Harman?

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Benedikta from Final Fantasy XVI

Benedikta Harman is one of the most influential characters in Final Fantasy XVI. Even though the information is scarce, we got to know a little bit about Benedikta from the demo version of the game.

The Final Fantasy XVI demo introduces a plethora of characters in the few hours that you get to play the game. Amongst these, Clive Rosfield, Joshua, Archduke of Rosaria, and a few other characters light up the center stage.

However, alongside these characters, Benedikta Harman is one who also manages to draw the attention of the players. She is shown as a strong and power-hungry woman who has her own agenda when it comes to the battle for the balance of power within Final Fantasy XVI.

Here is what we know about Benedikta from the Final Fantasy XVI demo.

A screenshot of Benedikta from Final Fantasy XVI
Benedikta’s story will be revealed in detail after the full release of the game

Note: The following section contains spoilers from the Final Fantasy XVI Demo.

Who is Benedikta Harman in Final Fantasy XVI?

Benedikta Harman is an intelligencer for the nation of Waloed in Final Fantasy XVI. Waloed is a nation that boasts the most advanced military across all nations within the game and is ruled by the Dominant of Odin.

Benedikta herself is the Dominant of Garuda and is exceptionally strong and cunning. In the opening section of the demo, we see Benedikta in a board meeting in the Zirnitra Stronghold. The context behind this meeting was not provided in the demo.

However, it was clear that another nation was asking for support from Waloed in the fight. In that fight, Benedikta suggests that Waloed will not be able to help in any shape or form as they will get in the way of the Dominant of the nation.

Soon after it is shown that Benedikta follows a man named Hugo Kupka who is the Dominant of Titan. It seems she has a romantic interest in this person, though nothing else is provided on how she knows this man or how their relationship began.

A screenshot of Garuda from Final Fantasy XVI
Benedikta is the Dominant of Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

After this point, Benedikta disappears from the story completely and reappears once again at a time when Clive and Cid infiltrate Caer Norvent. The Waloed elite party stationed at this place was commanded by Benedikta and they had the Second Eikon of Fire, Ifrit in their possession.

Once again, the demo does not provide any context on how Benedikta came across Ifrit. However, she catches wind of Clive and Cid’s arrival and they get into a fight where Benedikta is defeated. The demo ends here without providing anything else on Benedikta.

It seems that Benedikta has a lot going on surrounding her. In fact, she also knows Cid, though it is not mentioned how. It is understandable that she has contacts on account of being a spy. However, we will surely get more context on her once the game is officially out.

In any case, this completes our guide for Benedikta Harman in Final Fantasy XVI. We will update this space with more information in the future. While you’re waiting for the game’s full release, check out our Final Fantasy page for the latest news. 

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