New FIFA 21 leak shows big change to Career Mode budgets

New FIFA 21 leak shows big change to Career Mode budgets

Published: 28/Aug/2020 11:02

by David Purcell


FIFA 21 Career Mode budgets haven’t yet been released by EA SPORTS, although leakers have spilled the beans on a feature that will allow you to make any club as rich as Manchester City. 

Financial Takeovers have been a part of the FIFA series for quite some time now. This is a random injection of money received by the manager to bolster their transfer efforts.

However, this year the feature will be changing maybe in the biggest way you can imagine.

Unlike past years where this amount has bounced around the £50 million mark (across transfer and wage budgets), the power will be in the manager’s hands for the amount to request for the first time ever – if newly leaked information is to be believed.

Outside Liverpool's Anfield stadium in FIFA 21
The top teams in Europe are going to have serious competition with these new budget changes.

FIFA 21 Financial Takeover changes imminent

The feature was leaked ahead of schedule by Twitter user FIFA CM Content, right from the beta version, on August 26.

Posting four screenshots of the new change, the player showed managers can ask for up to £500 million if they fancy it. Clearly, this is a tremendous difference to games from years gone by.

Not only that, but it appears you will also be able to disable the feature altogether if you don’t want the increased investment as well.

Good or bad move?

Now, some may say that the option to ask for such ridiculous budgets may ruin the mode, although those who need more than the standard £50 million will be delighted with the move. Soon enough, you may see smaller clubs making headlines with their business a bit more than usual.

In previous pitch notes, EA did make a reference to Financial Takeovers as well. They confirmed: “Within the setup of a new Career Mode save you can set the amount of cash you want your club to receive as part of financial takeover.

Transfers in FIFA 21
Smaller clubs will be able to splash Man City levels of cash in FIFA 21 Career Mode, if they wish.

“Whether you want to give your club a whopping 500 million or start with next to nothing, you can customize your experience how you want to.”

It didn’t show us how it would work in-game at that stage, though, neither did developers mention a disable option would be present. Due to the sheer size of those game mode deep dives as well, not everybody in the game’s community will have read it line-by-line.

The Financial Takeover option is included in all pre-order editions of FIFA 21 and you can still get a 20% discount on the game ahead of release, too. For more information on that, check out our handy guide to save you some cash. 


FIFA 21 David Beckham edition & ICONs reveal: How to get free ICON card

Published: 18/Nov/2020 15:45 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 16:34

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS and David Beckham have finally confirmed the worst kept secret in FIFA 21, that he will be added to the game in what he’s advertising as a new Beckham edition of the title. There are new ICON cards coming soon, as well as a free special item players can unlock. 

The football legend took his success from Manchester United and turned it into mass fame like nobody had achieved before, setting the standard for English players today to move to other countries to continue their development.

During his successful career, he played for many of the world’s top clubs after leaving Manchester – including LA Galaxy, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and more.

Now, in 2020, he’s one of the key figures behind Inter Miami in the MLS – and also, apparently, the next FIFA 21 cover star.

FIFA 21 David Beckham edition revealed

The news was announced on November 18, when he posted an image to his Instagram page. This announcement follows the discovery of his game face as part of Update 5, which rolled out just a day before on consoles.

He said: “23 years later… so proud to be back on the cover,” posting an image of him in the FIFA 21 cover art.

FIFA 21 David Beckham edition
FIFA 21 David Beckham Edition is being teased online.

Soon after, EA followed up with a promotional video on Twitter, confirming a new special card could be unlocked by players.

What is the FIFA 21 David Beckham edition?

There’s a new FIFA 21 David Beckham Edition link on the UK website for the game, which will celebrate not only the story of his career but also the move over to next-generation consoles as well.

FIFA 21 David Beckham edition
The David Beckham edition can be seen on the EA website already.

How to get FIFA 21 David Beckham card

There has been talk for some time about whether or not the 100 ICON cards for FUT 21 would be extended by another major player from the world of football. Now, we know Beckham is the next big name to join the pack.

In terms of official information, the website states: “Play FIFA 21 by January 15th 2021 and starting December 15th, you’ll receive an untradeable, one-of-a-kind David Beckham Item to add to your dream squad in FUT – celebrating the legendary English midfielder’s LaLiga debut for Real Madrid in the 03/04 season.

“Plus, take Beckham back to the street as a Groundbreaker in VOLTA FOOTBALL.”

To get his special card in-game, simply follow these steps.

  1. Load up FIFA 21.
  2. Play the game between now and January 15, 2021.
  3. Receive the Beckham card as an untradeable special card in Ultimate Team.
  4. Receive the Beckham Groundbreaker in VOLTA Football.

FIFA 21 David Beckham ICON forms

As see on the live website page, there will be this special Beckham card – but also a further three ICONs added to FIFA 21. These can be seen below.

beckham fifa 21 icon forms
Here’s how all three FIFA 21 ICONs will look in-game.