How to use FIFA 21 Gameplay Rewind feature in-game

Gameplay rewind feature in FIFA 21EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS appear to have taken some inspiration from Forza Motorsport and have announced a brand new replay feature for FIFA 21 – Gameplay Rewind. 

This addition does seem awfully similar to that of Microsoft Studios’ Forza series, which allows players to have a second crack at something by activating it. In the case of driving, this might be a dodgy turn or a collision that puts you in fifth rather than first.

In FIFA 21, missing a sitter might be a thing of the past for those who decide to use this new feature, as you can replay big moments of a match.

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Erling Haaland skipping past a defenderEA SPORTS
You can give yourself second chances in key times of a match, with FIFA 21’s new option.

FIFA 21 replay feature confirmed, but not for all modes

The new feature was unveiled as part of EA SPORTS’ gameplay reveal package, released on August 4.

In their gameplay trailer, players might have been surprised to see that a striker was able to watch their shot sail over the bar, only to re-take their effort moments later. That’s how replay works.

(Replay feature timestamped at 2:45 below)

“Don’t worry if you miss your chance, have another go of striking it just right with new Gameplay Rewind in Kick-Off mode for a second shot at perfection,” the narrator says in the trailer.

How does FIFA 21 Gameplay Rewind work?

It’s a pretty simple feature. Stuff up a shot, or accidentally get one of your players sent off for a bad tackle? You can go back in time and replay the scenario out with Gameplay Rewind.

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You can rewind the same play as many times as you like until you get the result you want. However, you can’t rewind to get back to an earlier point than your original replay.

Those who would like to use their feature, even just to test it out, here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works.

How to use FIFA 21 Gameplay Rewind

  • Jump into FIFA 21.
  • Load up Kick-Off, select the teams, and start a match up.
  • Select a part of the game you would like to replay. This might be a corner kick, a bad pass, penalty, or a missed opportunity.
  • Hit the Gameplay Rewind option in-game, which will bring you back a few seconds.
  • Replay that part and there you go, you’ve mastered it already.

Ultimate Team players don’t need to worry about it, though, as it’s only available in Kick-Off. There’s not going to be a situation where somebody misses in the last minute on FUT Champions, retakes their shot and scores – thankfully.

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