How to complete Player Moments Arthur FIFA 20 SBC: cost, requirements


Barcelona star Arthur’s Player Moments SBC has been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to celebrate his assist vs Sevilla in the Copa del Rey in 2018/19, and we’ve got all the details on how to unlock the limited edition card.

The Brazilian midfielder’s new 89-rated card is guaranteed to catch the eye, especially considering he boasts a whopping 90 passing and 91 dribbling—+9 and +5 upgrades respectively from his 84-rated base card—but is he worth crafting?

From in-game stats and value, to the cost of the squad-building challenge on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, we’ve got you covered below.

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Barcelona midfielder Arthur Melo scored a +5 upgrade to celebrate his assist against Sevilla in the Spanish cup quarterfinal last season.

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Arthur’s SBC Time Limit, Requirements, and Cost

The Barcelona midfielder’s +5 upgrade was released on February 12, and will remain available to complete until 6pm GMT, Thursday, February 20.

Arthur’s SBC requires two squad challenges to be completed. The first needs at least one (1) Brazilian player, two (2) In-Form Cards, it must have at least 80 Team Chemistry, and must have a total rating of at least 84 between the 11 cards.

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The second squad, based around Arthur’s club, has similar requirements: players will need to submit one (1) Barcelona player, one (1) In-Form Card, have an 85-rated squad, and finish with at least 75 Team Chemistry.

As of this article’s publication, the two-squad challenge costs around 160,000 coins on Xbox and PS4, while PC-based players will face a little bit of a steeper price at 180,000, according to FIFA stats website Futbin.

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  • SQUAD 1: Brazil Players: Min 1, In-Form Cards: Min 2, Squad Rating: Min 84, Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • SQUAD 2: Barcelona Players: Min 1, In-Form Cards: Min 1, Squad Rating: Min 85, Team Chemistry: Min 75
Twitter: Barcelona
Arthur’s +5 upgrade seems like good value at around 160k, but is he really worth it?

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Why was Arthur given a Player’s Moment SBC?

Arthur received his Player’s Moment SBC after popping up a critical moment in Barca’s cup defense in the Copa del Rey back in the 2018/19 season.

The Spanish Cup quarterfinal against Sevilla was a special moment for Barcelona fans across the world. The defending cup winners had given away a 2–0 lead in the first leg, and Arthur played a key role in the comeback at Camp Nou.

While Philippe Coutinho was the man of the moment with two goals, it was Arthur’s 31st-minute assist that broke the two-legged tie’s deadlock wide open. All square at 2–2, Arthur fired a sensational pass to Ivan Rakitic, who poked home the go-ahead goal.

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Barcelona ended up finishing the match 6–1, 6–3 on aggregate, and knocked Sevilla out of the cup. Arthur and the Catalonian giants would go on to defeat old rivals Real Madrid 4–1 across two legs, before falling to Valencia in the final, 2–1.

Many of Arthur’s in-game stats have had a major boost with his Player Moments SBC release.

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Arthur’s In-Game Stats and Value

So is the latest La Liga midfielder worth picking up for your Ultimate Team? His passing and dribbling are certainly eye-catching, as we’ve already mentioned, but considering his pace barely scrapes into the 80s, he may be a bit slow.

With his average pace, that means Arthur will likely fit into your squad in a CDM position. If that’s what you’re planning, however, it may be better to avoid him altogether—the Brazilian star has just 79 defending, 76 physical, and is only 5’7”.

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Considering Arthur’s Player Moments card is competing for the same space as teammate 2IF Frenkie De Jong, who has more pace, similar passing, and dribbling (88 and 90), and is tradeable to boot, this SBC is probably not worth doing.

Twitter: Barcelona
Arthur’s Barcelona teammate Frenkie De Jong might be a better pickup than this SBC.

While Arthur may not be worth picking up, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a host of other possible upgrades for your Ultimate Team at the moment.

Kylian Mbappé and Wissam Ben Yedder just headlined Team of the Week 22, while Real Madrid’s Rodrygo and Atletico Madrid’s João Félix are both recently released Future Stars options if you want to stick closer to La Liga-focused squad.

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Ultimate Team is also currently celebrating the franchise’s annual Winter Refresh, when a host of top-level players who have had outstanding seasons see their in-game stats bumped up. Stars like Daniel James, Adama Traore, and Leipzig’s Timo Werner are expected to receive major boosts.