FIFA 23 Squad Battles glitch is giving players free wins

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FIFA 23 is finally here and the first priority for some players is improving their FUT squad. A FIFA YouTuber has already discovered a glitch to earn free Squad Battles wins, making for a great way to upgrade your team.

Players who purchased FIFA 23’s Ultimate Edition received the game three days earlier than everyone else, but game-breaking glitches and server performance left users frustrated. Not all glitches are necessarily bad, however.

The game’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team, can be daunting for first-time players. Trying to make the right purchases or earn coins requires skill or countless hours of effort. We have a trading guide to help players make smart investments, but some players prefer playing to spending their time on the menus.

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A YouTuber discovered an easy way to earn FUT rewards fast, as the Squad Battles glitch has reared its head once again.

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The early access period officially started on September 27 for Ultimate Edition owners.

FIFA 23 Squad Battles glitch found

FIFA YouTuber Will Judd went over a Squad Battles glitch in his September 27 video.

The glitch does not appear to have a 100% success rate but, these are the steps he shared.

  1. Get in the ‘D mark,’ which is the D-shaped semi-circle right outside of your opponent’s box.
  2. hold L2 or LT, Pull away from the D
  3. let go of L2 or LT, and the control stick.

From there, the CPU defender will be at your back, but you should be able to sit there and kill out the clock of a Squad Battles match.

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Squad Battles is a competitive FUT mode in which you try to rack up as many wins as possible against CPU teams in a seven-day time frame. Earning more points through winning games awards higher ranks and better rewards.

For now, EA has not patched this glitch and whether they will step in to hotfix it remains to be seen.

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