FIFA 23 players call for cross-platform FUT market after seeing PC prices

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kylian mbappe taking a shot in fifa 23

FIFA 23 introduced a cross-platform FUT transfer market for consoles only, and PC players can’t believe how unfairly skewed it is.

FIFA 23 officially launches worldwide on September 30, but players who purchased the Ultimate Edition were able to start playing on September 27. Dexerto gave the game an eight out of ten rating, praising it for providing the “most realistic” football simulator in the series.

EA pulled out of all of the stops for its final year with the FIFA license. The latest series entry adds cross-play, a new chemistry system, alternate player positions, and a cross-platform Ultimate Team transfer market.

The new features received varying degrees of praise and criticism. Cross-play, for example, was long-overdue for FIFA, but its implementation backfired by excluding PC players from all of the fun.

PC players bash cross-platform FUT transfer market

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs players
FIFA 23 introduced cross-play for the first time in series history.

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia users share the same FUT transfer market in FIFA 23, but the PC and Switch versions have their own separate Transfer Markets.

In the past, Xbox player items on the FUT Market tended to be slightly cheaper than on PlayStation. A shared FUT Transfer Market will theoretically increase supply and demand in FIFA 23, making it more affordable to buy players.

However, PC players are limited to trading with just themselves, resulting in less supply and higher prices. The market may stabilize on the game’s official release date, but early signs indicate an overpriced market for PC users.

Reddit user MontyP15 shared an image comparing the price of Marco Veratti on PC versus Xbox and PlayStation. The price range was not correctly updated on PC, but the example shows EA failing to properly adjust the PC transfer market.

One player responded, “Not changing it for PC just makes no sense; I wonder what’s going on at EA when they choose to make decisions like this.”

Another user added, “Some good decisions/changes are made, but then there’s always some kind of mistake or inconsistency that makes you scratch your head.”

Some FIFA 23 players believe that the developers took one step forward but two steps backward with their implementation of cross-platform play.

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