FIFA 23 glitch is breaking walkout FUT pack animations

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FIFA 23 players can usually see what’s coming out of their Ultimate Team packs based on certain FUT animations, but a new issue throws a spanner in the works.

Knowing when it’s going to be a walkout player doesn’t spoil the fun when opening packs in FIFA 23, and it’s something many players do.

There are slight differences in the FUT pack opening showcase that signal how high, or low, the best player’s overall rating will be.

Though, a new glitch has completely thrown people off.

FIFA 23 pack animation glitch found

The camera swinging from right to left is usually a telltale sign that a high-rated card will be walking out of your Ultimate Team pack.

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In a YouTube video from Miniminter, he pulls Toni Kroos in a pack but realizes afterward that the general animations for the walkout had not worked as normal.

He says: “Apparently it is glitched sometimes,” he says, referring to the camera swing going in the opposite direction to normal for Kroos’ arrival on-screen.

The segment below starts at four minutes.

He added: “Realistically, there’s no way of telling [because of the glitch].”

As seen in the segment, the camera swings from right to left which usually indicates it is not a walkout. The side lights are switched on and fireworks appear above the card – so watch out for the bug.

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Some have speculated that it could be an intentional change, to make pack openings more predictable than usual. However, those are unconfirmed rumors at the time of writing.

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