FIFA 23 FUT glitch gives Phil Foden a strange new celebration

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FIFA 23 players discovered a hilarious celebration bug with Manchester City star Phil Foden.

Celebrating after scoring a game-winning goal in FIFA can be absolutely demoralizing to an opponent. The shush celebration broke so many controllers EA removed it, and who could ever forget when you were able to run all the way back to midfield after scoring a goal?

Fortunately, FIFA 23 cracks down on toxicity, but adding the griddy celebration certainly didn’t help in that department. One thing all players can get behind is funny glitches that don’t impact gameplay.

An update made Antony and Rafael Leao bald, and players discovered a glitched celebration that may top the griddy as the game’s best dance.

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son celebrating in fifaEA Sports
There is no better feeling than performing a player’s signature celebration after scoring a goal in FIFA.

FIFA 23 players discover “HyperMotion Foden” celebration

Reddit user Deejayrivah shared a clip of Phil Foden celebrating.

Foden is known for his rapid speed in real life, but this new celebration may have taken things too far.

FIFA 23 features HyperMotion 2, adding over 6,000 new animations for shooting, dribbling, passing, and more. So, the player cleverly coined the glitch celebration as “HyperMotion Foden.”

One player responded, “Yeah, as far as motions go, that’s pretty hyper.”

Cyberpunk 2077 infamously launched with crazy game-breaking glitches, and another user added, “My first thought was there’s something vaguely Cyberpunk about this.”

A third player threw it back with a classic meme joking, “How it feels to chew 5 gum.”

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It wouldn’t truly be a proper FIFA game without some sort of funny glitches, so it’s nice to know players can still discover gems like this in FIFA 23.