FIFA 23 fans demand major Pro Club changes with #SaveProClubs trend

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FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs looks to be facing the short end of the stick when it comes to the game’s new crossplay inclusion, and the community has made their feelings very clear on the matter with the #SaveProClubs stance.

For years, Pro Clubs has secretly been the main draw for many players in FIFA, and the unveiling of FIFA 23 did not go down well for many after they learned that Pro Clubs would be deprived of one key feature – crossplay.

Whereas Ultimate Team and Career Mode are considered the top dogs when it comes to FIFA’s game modes, Pro Clubs continues to be a great opportunity for social bonding between groups of friends.

However, there has been a notion for years that EA doesn’t show the mode the love and attention that its popularity deserves, leaving players out in the cold.

This issue has been highlighted once more with FIFA 23’s crossplay announcement.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs players desperate for crossplay

#SaveProClubs has been a consistent trend on Twitter for a couple of days now with the backlash of Pro Clubs not getting crossplay in FIFA 23 refusing to die down.

Crossplay has finally come to FIFA, but EA declared that only 1v1 modes would be applicable where it was concerned, meaning that Pro Clubs, for the time being at least, will miss out.

This hasn’t sat well with the community with a variety of Tweets and messages making it very clear what they think of everything.

One of the most interesting aspects of the trend is a Tweet that really kickstarted the motion and got the protest in full effect.

VFL, declared as the unofficial home of Pro Clubs, posted a Tweet on July 20, 2022, with a strong message to EA regarding Pro Clubs.

The Tweet has since had over 3 million impressions, and counting, with thousands of impressions, retweets, and likes.

Renowned FIFA personalities have also made their voice heard. FIFA leaker Fut Sheriff said: “Make PRO CLUBS crossplay,” and FIFA content creator Nick28T even said: “Please EA!” in response to #SaveProClubs.

This is an issue that is clearly not dying down and it seems like the problem will continue until the community gets a response from EA at the very least.