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FIFA 22 FUT Champs red player picks are appearing on the market

Published: 8/Oct/2021 13:16 Updated: 8/Oct/2021 14:54

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 22’s red picks have started cropping up on the Ultimate Team market and it’s leaving players a bit confused. 

Update: 14:53 – October 8

EA have since responded to the issues surrounding FUT Champs Rewards and confirmed that they’re looking into it.

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Since FIFA 17, FUT Champs Weekend League has been the go-to mode for the most competitive of Ultimate Team players as they look to prove themselves against the best of the best.

Playing 30 to 40 games over a few days can be a bit of a slog, but, the rewards are worth. You end up with plenty of free coins and cards, especially if you climb the ladder to the top ranks.


When you get your hands on these Red Pick cards, they’re meant to be untradable. They’re meant to be yours until the next game comes around. However, fans have found ways to sell them already.

fifa 22 fut champions shield
FUT Champs is the way to prove yourself in FIFA.

Seeing Red Picks and other untradable cards like Players of the Month on the market is nothing new, it happens every year. Though, usually, the cards are listed at such a ridiculous price that they end up going unsold.

However, this time around, players are snapping them up. The red upgraded versions of Chelsea’s Cesar Azpilicueta, Atletico’s Luis Suarez, and Juventus’ Manuel Locatelli have all been sold for 25,000, 100,000, and 10,000 respectively.


Tottenham’s Heung Min Son has also been spotted on the market, with these four seemingly being the most popular to list. Some fans believe the bug that is allowing these cards to be listed are locked to these and maybe a few others, given not every red pick can be listed.

Red Pick version of Azpilicueta in FIFA 22
Reddit: TomQuick03
The once untradable cards are going up for sale.

In years past, when these cards have become available, players have pointed to the game simply not recognizing the red cards as such, which allows them to be listed.

If you buy or sell one, you’re not likely to be punished, but if you discard it and try to recover it, you’ll be out of luck. Though, EA will most likely update the market so these cards can’t be sold before long.