EA SPORTS reveals changes to improve FIFA 20 servers

Connor Bennett
Graphics: EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS have made a few adjustments to the FIFA 20 servers that should make brief moments of lag slightly less annoying moving forward. 

The EA servers are constantly under scrutiny from FIFA players who have been scorned by a disconnect, a bit of lag, or just being unable to connect when there’s a flash sale on in the pack store. 

They have been a constant bugbear for years, and while EA have made strides to improve them – even adding new servers around the world – problems still loom large.

However, the FIFA devs have made a new change that should spell the end of some problems where your frame rate is affected by short spikes of lag. 

FIFA's server error messageScreenshot via FIFA
Everyone has run into the EA Servers at least once in FIFA.

In their July 30 update, the developers noted that they’ve made a few tweaks. Though, it might not be the sweeping changes that some fans want.

Made an adjustment intended to improve the online performance in a match that is being impacted by frequent network jitter,” part of the new patch notes reads.

The change is further explained, with the solution that it is supposed to provide is noted as well. “During an online match with frequent network jitter, this change is intended to help hold a steady frame-rate and reduce visual stutters,” EA added. 

Screenshot via EA Sports
The new message from the FIFA patch notes.

Just by reading the explanation, experienced FIFA players will be able to cast their minds back to a time where a game has been lagging ever so slightly and stutters end up ruining an attacking move. 

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Hopefully, this change will put an end to that, though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happened when players flood the servers in order to play the upcoming round of FUT Champs Weekend League. 

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