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EA respond to missing FIFA 20 FUT Champs rewards

Published: 25/Jun/2020 10:18 Updated: 25/Jun/2020 15:16

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have responded to claims that FUT Champions rewards were not rolled out correctly for Xbox One players on June 24, and have since fixed the problem.

As regular competitors in the Weekend League will know by now, the odd issue can crop up from time to time in regards to the packs they should receive for their performances. That being said, when it does happen, not many are ever pleased by the error.

The same could have been said for this week’s competition as well, as hundreds of Xbox One players claimed their Summer Heat 3 Player Pack was not received. Other problems were also flagged, too.


Those who win a lot of games in FUT Champs are rewarded with Red Player Picks, but some are even claiming they have bugged this week.

A day after the reward packs and red player picks rolled out, EA confirmed that there was an issue and have swiftly resolved it.

Using their official FIFA Direct Communication social media account, they first said: “We’re aware of the issue affecting players who finished Elite in Weekend League on Xbox, who have not received their Summer Heat 3 Player Pack.”

Their next statement was even better news for those affected, confirming that the packs players deserved have been rolled out.

That being said, other FUT Club Owners have revealed the issues might stretch further than just Elite rank on Xbox One.


Replying to that tweet, one said:”Gold 2 didn’t get 90+” and another posted: “The gold 2+ rewards are also glitched.” Others have chimed in, flagging problems with red player picks as well.

The correct rewards have been sorted out for the one particular problem EA confirmed they were investigating. Those impacted by other bugs should continue to monitor EA’s socials to see if further updates arise in regards to player picks.

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