Mew2King shocks Smash world in Melee return with win over #1 ranked Hungrybox

Michael Gwilliam
Beyond the Summit

Smash Melee God Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman stunned the world with his return to singles competition at The Big House 9 on Sunday October 6 with a victory over number one ranked Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma.

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In his grand return to singles, Mew2King silenced all of his critics by knocking off Jigglypuff main and world number one Hungrybox in a thrilling five game set that came down to the last stock. 

After spot dodging a couple of grab attempts by Hbox and continuing to rack up percent on his opponent, the legendary Smash pro was able to secure a grab into up air for the kill confirm, sending the crowd into a frenzy. 

Mew2King following a tournament win.
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“This is the comeback story that we all wanted to see,” the casters cried. “The mad lad has done it. The King has returned!”

Mew2King had taken a break from singles competition with his last event being Genesis 6 back in February 2019 where he placed 33-48.

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While the God of Melee had still competed in doubles with his partner Justin ‘Plup’ McGrath throughout 2019, Zimmerman shied away from 1v1s.

Eventually, Mew2King implemented a sub goal on his Twitch stream, promising that if he got 600 subscribers he would enter a singles Melee major. 

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After it was announced he would be returning at The Big House 9, Mew2King told his fans not to expect too much, reminding them that he “barely played at all since [Ultimate’s] release” and they shouldn’t expect to see him in his old form. 

Judging by his recent win against the best player in the world, it would seem like the Mew2King of old is still very much kicking. 

Mew2King is a big fan of Nintendo games.
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Unfortunately, Mew2King’s tournament run came to an end in losers quarters with a 3-1 loss to fiction after being 3-0’d by Zain on the winners’ side. Still, it was a fantastic showing by one of the greatest players of all time.

The Big House 9 concludes October 6 with the finals for both Melee and Ultimate tournaments.