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Mew2King explains why his Smash Melee return might be lackluster

Published: 17/Sep/2019 23:15 Updated: 18/Sep/2019 0:17

by Brad Norton


One of the all-time great Smash Bros. players, Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman, has come forward to explain why his return to Melee after a lengthy break, might not live up to the lofty expectations of his fans.

Having actively competed in the world of Smash Bros. throughout the past 14 years, Mew2King stands out from the pack as one of the most accomplished players in the history of the scene. 


With countless first place tournament finishes to his name across all manner of titles in the franchise, it’s no surprise that the September 17 announcement of his return to Melee garnered a great deal of excitement.

Responding to the massive news however, the veteran player now competing under the Echo Fox banners, took to Twitter to keep expectations in check. 


Reminding his fans that he’s “barely played at all since ult’s release,” and that they shouldn’t expect to see him in his old form.

Mew2King following a tournament win.

“If u see me at the tourney come play me though,” he adds. “ I think my best chance to remember how to play is to keep playing good people.”

The upcoming event begins on October 4 and will mark the first time Mew2King has competed in a Melee tournament since his third-place finish at Genesis 6 in a Melee Doubles tournament with Justin ‘Plup’ McGrath.


Predominantly recognized for his dominance in the Melee scene, Mew2King was once ranked 1st on the Tristate Melee Power Rankings, following 1st place finishes in the Smash Summit 6 Singles tournament as well as the Smash Summit 7 Doubles competition. The veteran also has a litany of Top 6 finishes at EVO, perhaps the most famous fighting game tournament in the world. His dominance has led to him being known as one of the five gods of Melee. 

Following his thread of Tweets, ‘The Big House,’ organizers of the upcoming event, replied by sharing that “we’re just happy that you’re going to be here with us: good luck and hope you have fun!”

While the expectations of fans around the world may be contributing a great deal of pressure for Mew2King, this is a wonderful reminder that his return, be it successful or not, is a fantastic thing for the competitive scene in general.


Certainly many fans of Mew2King will be overjoyed to see one of the best players return to Melee after a lengthy break, regardless of how the tournament unfolds.

One of the most under-appreciated competitive scenes in all of esports, Super Smash Bros. has seen plenty of positive news lately, as Nintendo recently announced their support for a huge Ultimate European Circuit.


Minecraft Smash Ultimate leaker teases Ryu Hayabusa DLC fighter

Published: 6/Oct/2020 20:01

by Michael Gwilliam


An established Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaker who has leaked several of the game’s fighters before and after launch, including Minecraft’s Steve, has returned with some comments on Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa.

Vergeben, who is one of the most reputable leakers in the Smash community having leaked many of the game’s fighters, was asked about rumors of Hayabusa joining the roster.


The Ninja Gaiden protagonist has long been a fan-favorite to join the Nintendo fighting game, and has even been rumored. Amusingly, he had been discussed even before Fighters Pass Volume 2, along with Minecraft content.

“I remember you mentioned in the past that you heard that there were talks about Ryu Hayabusa being one of the fighters but in the end, he may have been delayed to enter the second wave of DLC,” a user remarked the leaker on GameFaqs.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden in Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Volume 2
Koei Tecmo/Nintendo
Ryu has been rumored for a long time.

“Now that Minecraft content finally came and as how Sakurai mentioned he reworked all stages to add the blocks gimmick to the game, it is possible that Hayabusa may also be coming?” the user asked.

To this, Vergeben simply replied: “Stay tuned?”

“I’ll keep looking into it. But the discussions did happen with Koei Tecmo in regards to Smash,” he continued, seemingly confirming that Koei Tecmo was in fact in talks to bring a character to the game.

Leaker comments on Ryu coming to Smash
The leaker has teased news coming with Koei Tecmo in Smash.

He further added that due to Nintendo’s positive relationship with Koei Tecmo, it’s unlikely that the discussions “ fell through and didn’t result in anything.”

As it’s been established, the discussions to get Minecraft into Smash took five years, so it’s clear that adding certain characters can be a long process.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden staring at castle
Ninja Gaiden has a history on Nintendo consoles.

This all said, the discussions with Koei Tecmo may also have potentially resulted in a different representative joining Smash Ultimate such as a character from Dead or Alive, Fatal Frame, or even Dynasty Warriors.


Only time will tell if this ends up being yet another thing that Vergeben has been right about.