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Mew2King explains why his Smash Melee return might be lackluster

Published: 17/Sep/2019 23:15 Updated: 18/Sep/2019 0:17

by Brad Norton


One of the all-time great Smash Bros. players, Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman, has come forward to explain why his return to Melee after a lengthy break, might not live up to the lofty expectations of his fans.

Having actively competed in the world of Smash Bros. throughout the past 14 years, Mew2King stands out from the pack as one of the most accomplished players in the history of the scene. 

With countless first place tournament finishes to his name across all manner of titles in the franchise, it’s no surprise that the September 17 announcement of his return to Melee garnered a great deal of excitement.

Responding to the massive news however, the veteran player now competing under the Echo Fox banners, took to Twitter to keep expectations in check. 

Reminding his fans that he’s “barely played at all since ult’s release,” and that they shouldn’t expect to see him in his old form.

Mew2King following a tournament win.

“If u see me at the tourney come play me though,” he adds. “ I think my best chance to remember how to play is to keep playing good people.”

The upcoming event begins on October 4 and will mark the first time Mew2King has competed in a Melee tournament since his third-place finish at Genesis 6 in a Melee Doubles tournament with Justin ‘Plup’ McGrath.

Predominantly recognized for his dominance in the Melee scene, Mew2King was once ranked 1st on the Tristate Melee Power Rankings, following 1st place finishes in the Smash Summit 6 Singles tournament as well as the Smash Summit 7 Doubles competition. The veteran also has a litany of Top 6 finishes at EVO, perhaps the most famous fighting game tournament in the world. His dominance has led to him being known as one of the five gods of Melee. 

Following his thread of Tweets, ‘The Big House,’ organizers of the upcoming event, replied by sharing that “we’re just happy that you’re going to be here with us: good luck and hope you have fun!”

While the expectations of fans around the world may be contributing a great deal of pressure for Mew2King, this is a wonderful reminder that his return, be it successful or not, is a fantastic thing for the competitive scene in general.

Certainly many fans of Mew2King will be overjoyed to see one of the best players return to Melee after a lengthy break, regardless of how the tournament unfolds.

One of the most under-appreciated competitive scenes in all of esports, Super Smash Bros. has seen plenty of positive news lately, as Nintendo recently announced their support for a huge Ultimate European Circuit.


Leaked Smash Ultimate video reveals Master Chief Mii fighter – is it real?

Published: 26/Jan/2021 17:20

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Halo fans wanting to see Master Chief join the roster of Nintendo’s flagship fighter as a full character may be disappointed if a new leak turns out to be true.

Ever since Banjo joined the Smash Ultimate roster, fans have been pleased with the cooperation between Microsoft and Nintendo, leading some to suspect that Master Chief being a fighter is a real possibility.

Now, a new video showing off Master Chief in Ultimate has been leaked, but it may not be the fighter that fans were hoping for.

The 33-second video showcases the Halo protagonist as a “deluxe” Mii fighter outfit. The term “deluxe Mii” is not official, but fans use it to describe Mii outfits that are closer to real fighter models.

Microsoft Master Chief
Master Chief could be the biggest Smash reveal ever.

For instance, Cuphead, Sans, Vault Boy and most recently, Bomberman are all considered “deluxe Mii” with the latter even having customizable color options, which is exactly what this leaked Master Chief has too.

As others have pointed out, the same customizable options for Bomberman are found in his video of the Halo star.

According to the YouTuber Aaronitmar, the video was originally posted to a message board and then ended up in his Discord server.

Is the leak real?

The video features many tropes found in fake “leaked” content, such as a shaky camera, awkward pans, and the fact that we don’t even see the fighter in action.

While there is a chance the video is real, it could also be taken from a modded version of the game. As Dexerto reported recently, a modder sent his friend an early build of Kingdom Hearts’ Sora. The friend then posted photos of the mod to the internet, claiming that Sora was the next DLC fighter.

So, there is some history of modders or friends of modders “leaking” their work, claiming that it is from the game just to get people excited.

As for this version of Master Chief, it is quite well done, especially for Mii fighter standards, but as always take it with a grain of salt until Nintendo officially announces something.

That said, if the leak is real, it means that we’re unlikely to ever get a full Master Chief fighter, which is rather unfortunate.

Microsoft and Xbox doesn’t seem too opposed to the idea of their mascot appearing in Smash. Notably, when Xbox France was asked when he would be coming to Smash, the Twitter account replied “He’s still waiting for his invitation,” suggesting there is a chance.

343 Industries
Master Chief is already in Fortnite… could Ultimate be next?

Additionally, the iconic Halo theme composer, Martin O’Donnell, has said he would be willing to remix the track if Nintendo asked him to in the event Chief was being added to Smash.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but until then, keep this leak in the back of your mind as we get closer to the next Fighters Pass Volume 2 reveal, which is likely going to be in March, 2021.