Smash legend Mew2King holds his Melee appearances behind Twitch sub goal

Michael Gwilliam

Smash Bros icon Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman has added a sub-goal of 600 to his Twitch stream for him to enter a Melee singles major.

The legendary fighting game player made a name for himself in Melee with his Shiek and Marth skills and his incredible game knowledge. 

Now, however, it seems like in order for The Robot to enter another Melee singles major, his supporters are going to need to spend a little and subscribe to his stream if they want to see him play.

While he’s currently looking for 600 subs, he said it used to be 1000, but he “gave up on that dream”.

The last time Zimmerman entered a Melee singles major was Genesis 6 back in February 2019 where he placed 33-48. 

On the Smash Ultimate front, also finished 33-48 at the last two events he entered: Shine and Super Smash Con.

However, Mew2King has remained a force in Melee doubles. At Shine, he and his partner Justin ‘Plup’ McGrath came first. The two haven’t had a finish worse than 4th in all of 2019. 


On Reddit, some Smashers are already considering subbing to M2K with one even dubbing this potential return a second “Return of the King”. A reference to Lord of the Rings, and Zimmerman’s 2013 comeback where he conquered many Melee greats such as Mango and Hungrybox. 

The next “major” Smash Bros tournament is The Big House 9 in Detroit all the way in October, so The Robot will have plenty of time to gain subs to compete. The Big House will feature 64, Melee and Ultimate tournaments.

Only time will tell if Mew2King gets the subs needed to enter the Michigan major. Until then, we can only wait.

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