xQc responds as fan asks him to stop gambling and play Chess again

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has shared his thoughts after a fan called on him to stop his sponsored gambling streams and resume playing Chess instead. 

xQc caused some controversy when he revealed that he was going to be including gambling in his streams again after accepting a sponsorship detail, despite having previously apologized for including any such advertisement in his content.

It sparked a fiery dispute online, with streamers across the community left split by the decision. Some condemned streamers who include gambling in their content for fear of the effect it could have on viewers. Others, though, argued that the blame shouldn’t be placed on the streamers but the online gambling companies.

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Having continuously fired back at any criticism, xQc has responded to another fan who has asked him to end his gambling streams.

xqc-twitch-content-garbageTwitch: xQc
xQc has consistently had to defend himself against fans and his fellow streamers who have criticized him for the change.

xQc reacts to calls to quit gambling streams

On June 12, xQc was searching through Reddit when he came across a clip from IRL content creator Jake’n’Bake’s stream. With the clip’s caption being ‘Juicer begs xQc to stop gamba and play chess again,’ xQc couldn’t help but watch.

Pointing at the camera, the fan said: “xQc don’t gamble play Chess.” Although, Jake added that Chess is also “kind of like gambling.”

xQc smiled throughout the clip and simply responded by saying “Chess? Interesting. Thanks man” before moving on with his stream.

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It was a surprizingly calm reaction for a streamer who has fired back at his critics over the drama and lashed out at fans claiming he should be a ‘role model‘.

The original clip from Jake’s stream went viral on Reddit, picking 2.2k reactions on the website. Several fans commenting on the post similarly feared over xQc’s gambling content, with some worried that he could be “genuinely addicted.”

xQc has been open about his gambling addiction and the vast amounts of money he has lost during his playthroughs.

However, he has currently made no comment as to whether he would consider ever quitting again.

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