xQc claps back at Twitch fans questioning his integrity over gambling streams

Alex Tsiaoussidis
xQc Twitch gambling streams

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel clapped back at fans questioning his integrity for hosting sponsored gambling streams on Twitch, claiming his motive was to make “fun content” rather than money.

xQc has been on the defensive ever since he announced he was hosting sponsored gambling streams on Twitch less than a year after pulling the plug on them after realizing the negative impact it was having on his viewers.

Not only has he tried to explain the reason behind his decision, but he also lashed out at fans for expecting him to be a role model, claiming it isn’t feasible. In continuation of that trend, he clapped back at fans questioning his integrity.

Twitch gambling content
Gambling streams, as lucrative as they are, have always been a controversial subject.

“Yeah, I think gambling is bad. I do it. How is that an integrity [issue] when my take literally changed,” he said, referring to his change of heart. “People say it’s because of the money, but there were no incentives for my take to change.”

When a viewer asked him to gamble offline if that’s the case, he added: “I think it’s content. I enjoy it. So what? I wanted to do bigger spins for longer and juice the f**k out of the content. I wanted to go bigger and juicier.”

xQc explained that accepting a sponsorship deal made that possible.

“I put a lot of my juice in it. I was like, yeah, I think it’s fun content. I want to do it more. There are sponsors. I get more juice. We’ll do it for longer.”

Of course, the biggest issue people have with his gambling streams isn’t the fact he’s getting paid to do them. It’s the fact that they’re promoting a harmful practice like gambling to viewers, some of which could be underage.

However, xQc is adamant his streams are doing the opposite.

People will see I lose, and they’ll realize the amount only goes down. Why? Because gambling is f**king dogsh*t. It’s a**crack, and all it does is make you lose money.

He also claimed that he’s in the unique position where he can “afford to lose the money,” and he’s willing to do so because he thinks it’s “fun” and will make for good content.

“That is literally the only thing that was on my mind.”

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