xQc confused after TikToker says she has crush on him

. 27 days ago
xQc confused by streamer who has crush on him
Twitch: xQc / TikTok: scarlettund

Twitch star xQc was left thoroughly flummoxed after coming across a video from a TikToker who claimed that she had a crush on him.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters. In fact, he’s the 5th most-followed streamer on the site, boasting a whopping 10.8 million fans at the time of writing.

A former Overwatch League competitor, xQc has now focused full-time on his streaming career — and it’s paying off in dividends.

As one of the most-watched streamers on the net, it makes sense that people pay attention to what he has to say; his comments about gambling on Twitch, for instance, caught quite a few eyes.

Twitch: xQc
xQc is one of Twitch’s biggest stars… and seems to have attracted the attention of a popular TikToker.

With so many regular viewers, it makes sense that ‘The Juicer’ might attract a fangirl or two… and that’s exactly what happened in a recent broadcast, where xQc came across a TikToker who was not shy of sharing her feelings about him.

The TikToker, ‘scarlettund,’ uploaded a video of herself using the popular ‘Quick, you’re bleeding out! What’s your type?’ trend. This fad is a double entendre that netizens typically use to share off “their type” of person instead of their actual blood type — usually a crush on a famous celebrity.

For ‘Scarly,’ that person was xQc. She went on to use several photos of the streamer working out at the gym and even showed off his GTA avatar… as well as his messy streaming room.

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Although it’s unclear if the video was humorous or not, her caption is even more flirty: “Adept, please let me know if you’re looking for a third.”

Unfortunately for Scarly, xQc is taken by fellow streamer ‘Adept,’ who she was referencing in the caption in a humorous jab.

The Juicer himself didn’t seem too phased about the TikToker’s apparent crush, though, and simply pointed out the odd phrasing of her caption.

“What the f**k even is that, man?” he asked. “How does that correlate? I don’t get it. ‘What’s your blood type?’ Juicer? I don’t get it.”

As always, xQc kept it cool… or at least, way cooler than that time he discovered the biggest Pokimane fan on earth during a CS:GO stream.

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