The Circle’s Quori-Tyler explains why the Season 6 cast is always cooking on-screen

Je'Kayla Crawford
QT from The Circle

Quori-Tyler (known more as QT) just said that when it comes to the food situation in The Circle US, it’s not what you think.

During their time competing in The Circle, the contestants have a lot of responsibilities. Mainly, their job is to strategize how to take home the cash prize, which means getting past their catfishing co-stars.

Most Season 6 episodes have been the contestants communicating with each other via the custom social media platform, but weirdly enough, there have been multiple scenes where stars are cooking in their apartments. And, according to one of the stars, it’s not like they have a choice.

On April 20, Season 6’s Quori-Tyler spilled the tea about a lot of behind-the-scenes facets of The Circle in a video on her IG.

Among other details, she revealed that contestants are constantly being seen cooking in each episode because they are not given food that has been prepared by production. 

“They take a grocery list from you once a week. you write down everything that you want and then they give it to you in like two days or so,” she explained in the clip

This is fairly different from the norm when it comes to Netflix reality TV shows. In fact, Love Is Blind’s production crew faced backlash for not seemingly supplying cooked food for the contestants, to the point that the next episodes were filled with on-camera shots of already prepared food. Maybe The Circle will get the same treatment going forward.

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