xQc fires back at Hasan over Shitcamp backlash: “He assumed the worst”

Emma Hill
xQc and Hasan streaming on Twitch

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit back at his fellow Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker after he criticized him for backing out of QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022.

xQc is used to handling backlash. However, nothing riled up his fans more than when he revealed that he would not be attending Shitcamp 2022 despite originally being included on the roster by its creator QTCinderella.

His absence was particularly frustrating for Hasan, who is attending the event. The streamer unleashed a series of tweets criticizing xQc for “bailing” at the “last second.”

However, xQc quickly fired back highlighting how Hasan didn’t know why he bailed claiming it could have been for a legitimate reason.

xQc slams Hasan for not ‘reaching out’ to him

As things got started at Shitcamp on September 5, xQc responded to Hasan criticizing him on Twitter. Although he initially refused to “rant” about the topic, he did open up about how Hasan should have spoken to him before posting the tweets.

He admitted that Hasan is “a good friend to people,” but questioned whether he took the “due diligence” to find out why xQc would not be attending Shitcamp before hitting out at him.

He added: “Did he double check and reach out when it happened? No, he did not. He assumed the worst because he had to gain the most and he had to maximize that.”

The 26-year-old further questioned whether Hasan is a “real friend” or whether he is just an “opportunist.”

It comes after xQc was accused of dropping out of Shitcamp because his friend Sodapoppin wasn’t attending, despite him having had a blast at last year’s event.

xQc is seemingly keeping quiet as to the official reason why he is not attending the event this time round. However, his absence has already sparked some comedic moments during Shitcamp.