xQc teases future Twitch collabs after Shitcamp success: “It’s going to pop off”

xQc teases future Twitch collabs after Shitcamp success: "The stream is going to pop off"Twitch: xQc / Twitter: Ludwig

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was the star of the show at Shitcamp 2021, and he enjoyed spending time with other Twitch streamers so much he promised fans he’ll collaborate with them again more often.

xQc helped create many memorable moments at Shitcamp 2021, including showing off his sniper skills, dressing in drag, and squashing his beef with Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani.

He loved it so much, he’s even considering moving back to Los Angeles.

However, the afterglow has got him thinking about other possibilities, too. For example, he told fans that he’s planning to collaborate with them and other streamers more often in the future, and he thinks it’s going to “pop off.”

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xQc shooting a gunMizkif/YouTube
xQc impressed fans with his epic sniping skills at Shitcamp 2021.

“Thanks to all the people who watched Shitcamp. It was a lot of fun,” he said to his viewers. “I enjoyed doing IRL a lot, and I’m inspired to do better with the stream and do cooler sh*t and better collaborations overall.”

“I think the stream is going to f**king pop off in the coming months, and I hope you guys will be there for it.”

He vowed to do it regardless. However, the fact that his viewers seemed to enjoy him collaborate with others is an extra incentive.

That means it’s likely we’ll see xQc team up with the likes of Hasan, JustaMinx, QTCinderella, Ludwig, Myth, Sodapoppin, and many others in upcoming months.

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If we’re lucky, he might even collaborate with other streamers, including OfflineTV members, who participated in the kickball event. But we’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about what he’s got in store.