Hasan claps back at xQc after accusations of special treatment from Twitch

xqc and hasan side by side imagesTwitch: xQc/HasanAbi

Twitch star HasanAbi has turned the tables on fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who recently accused Twitch of giving Hasan preferential treatment, suggesting he should have copped a ban after a live car chase he was watching ended with someone killed.

On April 3, xQc had streamed the same police chase as Hasan had, adding a delay to his stream in line with Twitch’s Terms of Service and quickly cutting the live news feed after it was clear that someone had died.

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Hasan, though, had not added a delay, much to xQc’s chagrin. He said at the time: “I’m not being a snitch about it, but Hasan watched a guy die on stream. I took the precaution to hide it. I put a delay, and I was smart about it. And what is my reward for it? Nothing. f*ing nothing. Actually nothing.

“But trust me, if I saw that guy die on my stream, if I made a mistake, I would have gotten banned. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care … Hasan is a political streamer in good standing, and he’s a leftist, so that’s an instant win.”

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Not long after, xQc was once again streaming a live police chase, and Hasan took the opportunity to call out the Canadian streamer.

“The person who’s watching the live crime coverage in real time was also talking about how I should be banned for watching live crime coverage,” he said. “Do you have goldfish brain? Do you think if I watch this right now, after Twitch didn’t ban me, you think I could get away with watching this?”

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He went on to instead react to xQc reacting to the chase, calling it the “most ethical way” to do it, and neither xQc nor Twitch would be able to get mad at him for it.

In December 2022, Hasan was banned from Twitch for a short period due to a copyright breach. He was unbanned after 24 hours.

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