xQc flabbergasted after Hasan calls Adept divorce “fake”

Virginia Glaze

xQc was left gobsmacked after Hasan called his divorce from ex-partner Adept “fake” for reacting to Hasan’s divisive comments on streaming being more draining than a “real job.”

The feud between Twitch streamer Hasan and other broadcasters continues after he went viral for making comments about streaming versus “real jobs.”

In February 2024, Hasan claimed that streaming drains his “social battery” more than a regular 9-5, saying in a viral clip: “Yes, a real job can be gruesome, a real job can make you very tired, but a real job doesn’t suck the soul out of you the same way that nine hours of streaming absolutely will.”

The clip took social media by storm, sparking outrage across the net as commenters weighed in on the debate. While Hasan claimed his remarks were taken out of context, that didn’t stop netizens from lashing out at him for claiming a “regular job” wasn’t as hard as streaming in certain aspects.

Twitch streamer Hasan is facing backlash over his comments on streaming vs “regular jobs.”

Other broadcasters also shared their two cents on the situation, one of them being popular Kick and Twitch streamer xQc, who admitted he “would much rather f*ckin’ sit here on my dumb ass then f*cking go out there and f*cking deal with dumbass f*cking customers and clients.”

Hasan took notice of xQc’s response to the ordeal and put him on blast, claiming his viral divorce from ex-partner Adept was “faked” for views — something that left xQc totally stunned.

xQc stunned after Hasan calls Adept divorce “fake”

xQc reacted to Hasan’s verbal barb in a February 28 broadcast, looking completely shocked at his negative reaction.

“I literally cover all the positive points, I cover the negative points, and I give it a preface,” xQc claimed. “That’s as good as I can make an argument, no? Am I just supposed to blindly f*cking say yes? I gave the good points, and the negatives. I did both.”

“Yo! Chat, I think I just got out-ripcorded. Hold on, now. Last time he said I pulled the hate Hasan ripcord. Brother, I think he’s pulling the f*ckin’ fake divorce ripcord. Shit!”

xQc is just the latest content creator to get flak from Hasan for discussing the situation, with Ludwig also receiving a heated rant from the streamer after he uploaded a YouTube video about the ordeal.

Ludwig later removed his video due to lower viewership, sparking even more outrage as frustrated viewers accused him of taking it down to appease Hasan and even sending the YouTuber death threats.

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