xQc confirms breakup with Fran weeks after relationship went public

Ethan Dean
xqc with fran at twitchcon

xQc announced live on stream that his recently revealed relationship with former Overwatch content creator Fran is no more.

xQc has had a few romantic relationships go public in recent years. The more notable ones like those with Adept and Nyxii were largely in the public spotlight with involvement from his community.

The same was true for his most recent relationship with Fran. When he went public with their relationship in early June, xQc’s chat and Subreddit were full of criticisms. Specifically in relation to his lighter streaming schedule when romantically involved.

The harshness of fans’ input caused the streamer to lash out at those who wouldn’t respect his feelings and privacy. Despite this, now weeks removed and xQc has since revealed that he and Fran are no longer dating.

In his most recent stream, xQc explained that the two had been separated for some time despite attempts to keep it quiet. “She tried to keep the facade up, but me and her aren’t together for a while now,” he confirmed.

The two had initially attempted to keep their relationship private, seemingly due to the reaction from his fan community to xQc’s previous partners. It’s unclear whether the recent backlash to the two going public had anything to do with what xQc described as a “mutual” breakup.

“Yeah, there are too many moving pieces and sh*t these days, and it’s too much. I wish things were a lot simpler, but they are not,” he said.

“I’m tired of having so much collateral damage or whatever. It just seems like everybody around me is suffering a lot,” xQc explained. “It makes me feel like I’m radiating something bad right now and I need to give it a reset.”

Since his $70 million contract signing with Kick, xQc has only been in a bigger spotlight than ever. Given what’s on his plate at this point in time, the superstar streamer made clear he’s taking a break from pursuing a relationship until things calm down.

It’s also possible that his packed schedule is taking a toll on his mental and physical health. Though this still hasn’t stopped fans from demanding more content.