xQc sparks concerns after opening up about his health: “I have to go to a doctor”

Shay Robson
xQc wearing black t-shirt sat at desk staring into camera

Streaming star xQc has sparked concerns amongst his fans after opening up about his latest health issue, revealing he needs to see a doctor.

With close to 12 million followers behind him on Twitch before his shock move to Stake-backed platform Kick, it’s more than fair to say xQc is one of the biggest streamers in the world.

Streaming at least 10 hours each day, and sometimes even upwards of 20 hours per day regularly, it’s no wonder the 27-year-old dominated Twitch as their top streamer, being the most-watched channel on the Amazon-owned platform for several years in a row.

However, the countless hours of grinding each day may be starting to take a toll on the Juicer, as the streaming star has revealed to his fans he needs to see a doctor.

xQc concerns fans after revealing he needs to see a doctor

After playing his outro at the end of his July 21 Kick stream, xQc returned for a more serious talk with his viewers before shutting down his broadcast.

The streamer revealed to fans that he’s noticed a problem with his shoulder, and may need some medical attention. “No joke, I’m going to stop stalling. I have to go to the doctor soon,” he said.

xQc demonstrated a movement with his arm, which makes his shoulder click and stay in the same position. “My shoulder clicks in, and when I do it again it doesn’t, so it’s like in place right?”

xQc further elaborated, explaining when he’s resting in a normal position his shoulder eventually goes back into place. Although he revealed there’s some pain and discomfort when he moves it in a specific way.

It’s not uncommon to see streamers take a break every now and then, whether it be for burnout, stress, injuries, or just to take a step away. Although, we hope xQc’s issue isn’t too serious.