xQc, Adept, and Fran drama explained: Cheating & abuse allegations, xQc responds

Calum Patterson
xqc adept fran drama

The saga of controversy around xQc and his relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Adept has reached a new climax in August, as the pair continue to publicly air their grievances, with friends also now pulled into the feud.

xQc and Adept were in a relationship for many years, before things broke down in 2022. In March 2023, xQc explained that they had split again, claiming that he had to choose between “family” and Adept, and chose family.

But, that was far from the end of it. A legal battle has also ensued, after it was revealed Adept had filed for divorce, claiming they had been in a “common law marriage.” xQc also confirmed he was in a relationship with FRAN, an Overwatch streamer, in June.

In July, xQc claimed that Adept had entered his home without warning. Things calmed for a short time after this, but xQc announced plans to head to Vegas in early August, arising from a dispute with long-time friend Poke.

From here, things have escalated again. Here’s everything you need to know to catch up on the feud.

FRAN goes live to explain all

On August 13, FRAN decided to speak out, as her name had been brought up and her personal life made public.

She explained, using drawings to assist, the timeline of events from her point of view. As well as confirming xQc had cheated on her, she also revealed that Adept had claimed xQc was physically abusive.

FRAN denied this, however, saying xQc was not abusive towards her in any way. At one point, she described Adept as “like a serial killer” because of her blank expression when speaking with her.

xQc admits to cheating, denies abuse allegations

As some viewers didn’t believe FRAN regarding xQc cheating, she called him on Discord, where he admitted it.

On his own stream, later that day, xQc explained that he had cheated on FRAN with Adept, explaining, “I was being dumb as bricks. It just felt to me like I wouldn’t get that again, in the future.”

However, he categorically denied claims that he had been physically abusive toward Adept, or anyone else.

“I will not stand for that. In all of my relationships, whether it’s with friends, whether it’s with girls, I have never been, a singular incident, physically abusive, a singular time. It has never happened.”

Adept claims she lost baby with xQc

On Twitter, xQc’s friend Jesse revealed that Adept had once called him, to tell him that Fran was “swindling” X’s money, and also “shared with me that she herself was pregnant or was (previously) pregnant.”

Adept was seemingly caught off guard by this being revealed on Twitter, and slammed Jesse on stream for posting it publicly.

“If someone did not have a baby, and is telling you they are pregnant, then what is the outcome? The outcome is that the pregnancy was either terminated or miscarried.”

xQc has not addressed the pregnancy claims, but another streamer, Mendo, also revealed that Adept had called him as well as Jesse, telling him the same thing.

xQc suggests Adept’s motives are money

On August 14, xQc tweeted to address the drama once more. He said that he had taken accountability for his “wrongs”, but that the “the rumors flying around are all completely UNTRUE and NOTHING will validate them.”

He concluded the tweet with “just remember the motives” and added a bag of cash emoji, implying Adept’s motivation is for money.

We will update this article with the latest in this ongoing drama.