xQc sexual assault investigation closed following Adept’s allegations in court case

Brad Norton
Adept next to xQc

Legal documents appear to show the criminal investigation into sexual assault and violence claims made by Samantha ‘Adept’ Lopez against ex-partner Felix ‘xQc’ has closed without conviction.

The saga of xQc and Adept’s public split continues. Having previously been “informally married” in 2020, the couple filed for divorce on November 14, 2022, according to earlier reports. Months later, Adept filed for a Protective Order on June 9, 2023.

This Protective Order came in light of alleged “conduct that constitutes family violence” as the Respondent (xQc) had supposedly “harmed or threatened to harm” the Applicant (Adept). As a result, the two had to maintain a 350ft distance at all times, and the former was barred from discussing any matters pertaining to their relationship in a public setting, thereby including Twitch streams.

Two months after this Order was filed, former investigator turned Twitch streamer Henry Resilient – who has previously leaked divorce filings – filed a public information request on August 10, 2023 in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the accusations. Now, having received them, but not all the information back, the streamer has revealed the court’s conclusion.

As the legal documents show, the criminal investigation into the matter has been closed and the final result was reportedly not a “conviction or deferred adjudication.”

Henry Resilient displayed his legally obtained documents on stream on August 31, sharing with viewers the information that came from his public request weeks prior. However, much of what had been requested was redacted not only as it contained “identifying information”, but also due to its relation to other ongoing proceedings.

One section in particular, Exhibit C, claims to relate to the sexual assault allegations leveled against xQc. While details pertaining to Exhibit C were not provided, the accompanying statement appears to clarify the result of the relevant criminal investigation.

“Information contained in Exhibit C is exempt from disclosure because it is information and internal records of a law enforcement agency relating to a closed criminal investigation that ended in a result other than a conviction or deferred adjudication.”

xQc & Adept
Adept and xQc filed for divorce 10 months ago.

While xQc has admitted infidelity in the past, the content creator has vehemently denied any and all physical or sexual assault accusations in previous relationships, including his years spent with Adept.

“I will not stand for that,” xQc said during an August 12, 2023 stream. “In all of my relationships, whether it’s with friends, whether it’s with girls, I have never been, a singular incident, physically abusive, a singular time. It has never happened.”

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