xQc and Adept clash on stream following ‘manipulation’ accusations and break up

Joe Craven
Adept next to xQc streaming

Popular streamers Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Adeptthebest clashed heatedly in a Twitch broadcast on September 16, as disagreements over their break up and its fall out came to a head once again. 

xQc and adept have been entangled romantically for some time now. Recent break ups led to reconciliation but, on September 15, fans realised that they had once again unfollowed one another on social media. 

As such, questions grew around the couple, with xQc breaking his silence and explaining that he felt “cornered” and ultimately chose his family over adept, hence the end of their relationship. 

The comments did not go down well with adept, who rejected his explanation and accused the former Overwatch pro of “manipulation”. 

She said: “Of course, he’s only saying nice things about me to fucking manipulate everyone. This is actual cringe, I don’t know why he feels like he needs to announce things.” 

The 27-year-old went on to criticize the lack of privacy she had been afforded by his public comments. 

Adept and xQc clash on Twitch stream

However, the situation would only worsen, with the pair arguing on xQc’s September 16 stream and both becoming visibly upset. 

The conflict ended with xQc saying: “You knew that I’ve always wanted, when things are moving on to move on. You know how I am. I don’t cut it halfway, I have to go all the way.” 

Adept can be heard telling Lengyel he is “not a victim”, at which point she left the stream. 

The stream sat at roughly 125,000 viewers when the pair were arguing. Shortly after, adept apologized for the public airing of their issues. 

She tweeted: “For me the right thing would have been [to] keep personal matters personal. I didn’t open the door into our private lives… I’m sorry to a lot of you who genuinely don’t care and had to see that. I wish you didn’t have to see it too.” 

Lengyel also tweeted after his broadcast concluded, hitting out at “snakes” and “bandwagoners” in the community. 

He said: “Everyone can talk their garbage about what I do and how they feel about it… I clap back a singular time and everyone says I’m ‘using’ my platform to ‘harass’ them. Bro I’m still human here. I got something to say too.” 

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