Adept leaks xQc phone call berating him for gifting subs to another female streamer

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer Adept has leaked audio from a voice call with ex-partner xQc, in which she berated the broadcaster for gifting subs to another female broadcaster.

The fallout from Adept and xQc’s separation continues to take hold of the internet, as Adept has leaked audio from a call with her ex-man in a stream that’s going viral across Twitch.

On May 22, Adept shared the audio in a broadcast in which she questioned xQc over his interaction with fellow streamer AikoBliss — an influencer who’s been tied to xQc for a few months now.

While the call occurred after xQc and Adept’s separation, Adept was unhappy that xQc had allegedly gifted Aiko one hundred subs and played a game of GTA RP with her.

“I’m not laughing, Felix! I’m not laughing,” Adept can be heard saying. “I don’t find it funny, because you promised me you wouldn’t do it.”

“She’s just a roleplayer,” xQc explained.

“So you decided, after you told me you weren’t gonna do it,” Adept shot back.

“It wasn’t a date, it was just asking her to do sh*t for me,” he replied.

“And then you donated her a hundred subs,” Adept said. “Because doing all that wasn’t enough.”

In the stream, Adept revealed that she hasn’t spoken to xQc since January 2024, saying the leaked call was from 2023. The streamer also said she wouldn’t have leaked the conversation if Aiko hadn’t “spoken on her name” — something viewers believe was tied to Aiko’s comment in April 2024.

“I wouldn’t sue anybody,” Aiko said, referencing the now-resolved lawsuit between Adept and xQc. “I didn’t sue my ex-husband, and I won’t sue anybody in the future, either. It would take a lot for me to actually want to do something like that.”

Aiko has interacted with xQc in games on stream for some time, and viewers speculated that the two also hung out in-person after her dog was supposedly seen entering xQc’s streaming room in a previous broadcast.

However, Aiko herself claims that she and xQc are just “friends,” but many viewers aren’t convinced that the two aren’t romantically connected.

At the time of writing, xQc hasn’t reacted to Adept’s leaked phone call with him — but he has been open about his experiences with his ex-partner in the past, confirming in March 2024 that he’d “won” every court case against her and that the drama between them was “all over.”

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