Who is Jeffree Star? Was there an affair with Kanye and 8 other facts about the YouTuber

Jeffree StarInstagram: Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been one of YouTube’s biggest stars for years. He has collaborated with many famous names in videos over the course of his career. Having been active on YouTube since 2006, Star’s videos regularly get millions of views.

Over his career, Star has cultivated a loyal base of supporters that has allowed the YouTuber to continue their career despite multiple controversies.

He has massive followings across all social media platforms, with 6.8 million followers on Twitter and 16.4 million subscribers on YouTube. On Instagram, he has a total of 20 million followers between two accounts.

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With only nine posts on TikTok, Star already has over two million followers. Here are some facts about the YouTuber that you might not know:

What is Jeffree Star’s net worth?

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Star’s net worth is valued at around $200 million. The website also claimed that Star earns somewhere between $15 and $20 million a year. A majority of these earnings come from Star’s cosmetics brand.

In 2019, Star spent $14.6 million on a Hiddle Hills mansion and owns a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming.

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According to Forbes, Jeffree Star was the 10th highest-paid YouTuber in 2020 with $15 million in earnings. His views from June 2019 to 2020 topped more than half a billion. One of his makeup collections sold that year, the Conspiracy Collection, launched last year reportedly sold 1 million eyeshadow palettes in 30 minutes.

Did Jeffree Star have a fling with Kanye West?

Though Wyoming is a large state, the fact that Kanye West also owns a ranch in the same state as Star prompted the false rumor that Star and West were having a thing. The rumor started on TikTok after the announcement that West was getting divorced from Kim Kardashian.

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In January 2021, Star said, “this whole thing is really funny.” Star said on the BFF’s podcast that he “played into it” because it was so ridiculous. He also clarified that he would never be into Kanye; “he’s too short for me, I’m not into that.”

Jeffree Star ranchInstagram: Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star posing with yaks on his ranch in Wyoming.

Where is Jeffree Star’s house?

Jeffree Star bought a 25,000 square foot mansion in Hidden Hills, California in 2019 for a reported $14 million. In June 2021, he listed this mansion according to Architectural Digest suggesting a move to Wyoming full-time.

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In 2020, Star put his famous bubblegum-pink mansion up for sale a few weeks before buying the ranch in Wyoming for $3.4 million.

Star now lives full-time in Wyoming having previously said “it’s time to move on” from California.

The Wyoming ranch is located near the town of Casper and has since expanded the yak sanctuary by 80 acres according to Star Yak Ranch’s Instagram. Star owns Star Yak Ranch.

According to the social media post, there are “over 500 acres of yak heaven now and we couldn’t be happier!”

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What’s the name of Jeffree Star’s cosmetics brand?

Star’s cosmetics brand is called “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” and can be found at jeffreestarcosmetics.com. The website allows fans to shop a variety of makeup from eyeshadow, foundations, mirrors, lipstick, as well as a variety of clothes.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Star grosses an estimated $100 million a year from the brand alone.

What did Jeffree Star look like before fame?

Jeffree Starohnotheydidnt/LiveJournal, Bicoastally/Blogspot,
Three photos of Star before his career in YouTube.

As these images suggest, Star’s image didn’t differ too much as a teenager to how he presents himself today with use of makeup and eccentric hairstyles.

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How old is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is 35 years old and was born on November 5 1985. Star was born in Los Angeles County, California. In an interview with LA Weekly in 2013, Star said he began experimenting with makeup from an early age and convinced his mother to let him wear it to school.

Why do some people accuse Jeffree Star of being racist?

Star came under fire for wearing cornrows in a photoshoot, an act some described as “cultural appropriation”. Star was also accused of making a series of statements that were considered insensitive 16 years ago.

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The influencer was accused of calling YouTuber Jackie Aina a gorilla and using the N-word multiple times. Later Star apologized for the comments in a YouTube video denouncing racism as wrong.

He also had to apologize for using a swastika and the phrase “Lipstick Nazi” on what appeared to be an old website.

Why did Jeffree Star feud with Nikkie Tutorials?

Nikkie Tutorials is another one of YouTube’s big makeup stars.  Once former friends, Nikkie and Star allegedly fell out during a press trip with Benefit Cosmetics.

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That said, Star said that despite their disagreements he still wanted to stand up for her when he alleged Too Faced had paid Nikkie a flat fee for a collaboration. Nikkie’s collaboration palette titled “Power of Makeup” went onto become a commercial success despite negative reviews.

After the subject was brought up in Star and Shane Dawson’s ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’, Nikkie tweeted the following:

Nikkie went onto say, “I don’t care about the money but I had to fight YEARS to prove my authenticity and gain your trust again.”

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It seems now that the pair are back to being friends. When Nikkie came out as transgender in January 2020, Star tweeted that Nikkie was an “inspiration” and was “so proud to call you my friend.”

Star’s feud with Tati Westbrook & James Charles

The drama started when Tati Westbrook uploaded her viral “Bye Sister” video where she described how their friendship fell apart and made sexual harassment allegations.

Charles later hit back at Tati in a video and Star weighed in on the drama saying James “is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true.”

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James Charles’ loss of three million subscribers at the time meant Star then took the top spot in terms of followers for makeup YouTubers.

However, the drama was far from over when Westbrook alleged Star and Shane Dawson encouraged her to post about Charles. She alleged that their reason for doing this was because of their upcoming ‘Conspiracy’ palette launch.