Seagull TikTok goes viral as bird photobombs beach snap to Lorde’s Solar Power

TikTok: danielleedixonn

The TikTok features a seagull coming in for a camera closeup as user Dani attempted to film herself running down the beach. The video has over 1.5 million views already,

Posted on August 4, the video posted by @danielledixonn features Dani running into the distance to the singer Lorde’s latest song ‘Solar Power’.

Unknown to her as she was filming, a seagull walks into the frame blocking Dani from view. It then walks up to the camera to inspect itself and look around. Perhaps it was just making sure its feather hadn’t gotten ruffled in the wind who knows?

Since it was posted, the video has gone viral trending on Google with nearly half a million likes and over two thousand comments.

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Taking inspiration from the music video for ‘Solar Power’ with the beach setting, Dani clearly wasn’t expecting the TikTok to go the way it did.

Captioning the video “today this seagull let me know that I’m actually not the main character”, Dani knew the video she had was instantly iconic.

This isn’t even the first seagull to go viral on TikTok. Arryn Skelly (@aarynskelly) went viral on TikTok showcasing feeding a seagull outside his window. Skelly who lives in Scotland is currently on Day 95.

OrangutanTikTok: minorcrimes
A compilation of an orangutan trying on a pair of sunglasses that fell into its enclosure

The seagull isn’t the only animal that went viral on TikTok this week with an orangutan trying on a pair of glasses.

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