Jeffree Star reveals he’s leaving California: “It’s time to move on”

Jeffree Star leaving CAYouTube: Jeffree Star

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star has revealed he’s officially leaving California, citing loneliness and mental health concerns throughout the past year as reasons for exiting the Golden State.

Jeffree Star is one of the most popular beauty gurus on the net. Rising to stardom in the MySpace age, Star transitioned from music artist to makeup mogul almost effortlessly, becoming YouTube’s prized authority on all things glam.

However, Star has notably been involved in a slew of drama over the past few years. The scandal with James Charles and Tati Westbrook was just one of a slew of incidents he was named in, making for a turbulent 2020 for the influencer.

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Star was later involved in a severe rollover car accident in early 2021, causing him to wear a back brace. This accident followed the death of one of his many beloved Pomeranian dogs, as well as his noted breakup from ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

All of these issues snowballed for Star in 2020, prompting him to seek therapy and address his mental health in a tell-all video on June 15, 2021.

“For the first time in my life, at 35 years old, I am finally leaving California,” Star admitted. “I am gonna sell this house. …2020, and I think I’ve said this a million times, but it really took it out of me.”

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“Me, personally for my mental health, and the next chapter of my life and my journey, I need to step away. …I really needed to do it for me. This decision was astronomically hard.”

Jeffree Star in a YouTube videoYouTube: Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star has had a rough go of it in the past year, prompting the beauty guru to open up in a tell-all video on June 15, 2021 regarding his mental health and current life plans.

Star claimed that, while Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Killer Merch will still remain in and operate out of California, he will be making a permanent home for himself in Wyoming, where he lived part-time up until recently.

That wasn’t the only issue Star brought up in his somber video; he likewise apologized for the landslide of drama he’d been part of over the past year, stating that he’d “slipped into” a “Regina George” character in the YouTube beauty scene.

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“This is just me saying, I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever hurt,” he continued. “I’m sorry that I let people hurt me. I’m sorry I trusted so hard with friends in my past. But a lot of times, I amplified things when I should have shut up.”

Thus far, Star’s video has been met with understanding and acclaim from his fans, who are happy that Star is receiving therapy for his mental health and is taking time to focus on his personal life amidst the YouTube drama mill.

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