James Charles exposes Tati’s “lies” as YouTube feud rages on

Virginia Glaze

The feud between popular beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook has resulted in a major shift in subscribers for both parties – but the drama isn’t over, just yet.

Charles uploaded a 41-minute-long video discussing the claims Tati laid out in her viral “Bye Sister” video on May 10, where she accused Charles of using his fame to “manipulate someone’s sexuality” and selling out to promote a product from her direct competitor, SugarBearHear.

Charles debunked many of Tati’s allegations in his own “No More Lies” video, showing screenshots as proof that SugarBearHear did, indeed, provide him with a last-minute contract in exchange for security and Artist passes at Coachella, after the guru found himself overwhelmed by fans in VIP during the festival’s second weekend.

The YouTuber went on to show multiple screenshots trying to get in contact with Tati after warning her about the promoted post before it went live, finally deciding to give her some space after being unable to reach her.

Charles then broke down the events that took place at Tati’s birthday party on February 14, where he had allegedly tried to flirt with a waiter named Sam and used the excuse “I’m a celebrity” when Tati warned him that Sam was straight.

James Charles, YouTube500

Charles noted that using the term “I’m famous” or “that’s famous” was a common inside joke between he and his friends, which he used jokingly during their dinner – something that he claimed Tati was privy to, as evidenced by screenshots shown of the guru saying that Charles was “supposed to hook up with the waiter, not marry them.”

James Charles, YouTube500

While Charles went on to address several more of Tati’s claims, both she and YouTuber Jeffree Star have since seen a massive drop in subscribers due to his video, while Charles’ subscriber count has risen.

Star had even posted an older video to Twitter in response to the drama just after Charles’ video went live, which Charles used in his own video to describe his sexuality. Needless to say, Star promptly deleted the Tweet in question.

Jeffree Star, Twitter500

Star responded to Charles’ video with another Tweet of his own, claiming that “there are always two sides to every story.”

Tati has since Tweeted that she has left town to go on a “digital break” from the drama, claiming that she is “disappointed” that Charles’ second video contains “so many lies and half-truths.”

Charles himself claimed that he uploaded his video not to cause drama, but to take responsibility for his actions and “clear his name,” and urged his fans to send a loving message to someone they cared for – without being too “forward.”

As this story continues to develop, fans are left with more questions than answers, leading to a major rift in subscribers between the two YouTubers that continues to shift in favor of Charles following the publication of his latest video.