Jeffree Star claims NBA players made death threats if he revealed sexual relationship

Video featuring Jeffree StarYoutube, Jeffree Star

One of YouTube’s biggest influencers, Jeffree Star, has claimed that NBA players have threatened his life, if he were to reveal public details about their relationship.

Star, who has 16.4 million subscribers on YouTube, previously said they had three NBA players in their DMs in March 2020. At the time, there was a social media frenzy to try and discover the possible identity of the players.

In the interview, Star said that they had a code where they would “never out” the NBA players and rappers that had linked up with Star. However, the influencer couldn’t help but put it out there that “the sex was great” but insisted the names “would stay invisible”.

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Star says NBA players “threatened to murder me”

“A lot of NBA players and rappers, yes, but I have a code where I’m never going to out them,” Star said. “A lot of them have threatened to murder me if I ever say their names. The sex is great. The names are invisible”

Dave Portnoy, a podcast host asked, “How do they reach out to you?”

Star replied “They DM me. If you had the password to my phone, you’d sh*t yourself”

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Portnoy then asked about the risk players are making by messaging Star if he decided to out them. However, Star countered that he’s “never outed anyone and they know I’m trustworthy”

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What else did Jeffrey Star say?

The celebrity discussed being canceled in 2020, their comeback, that notorious Kanye rumor, as well as Star’s obsession with pizza.

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Jeffree Star also joked about the rumor last year that he was having an affair with rapper Kanye West. Star said he “played into it” because it was so ridiculous and joked “he’s too short for me, I’m not into that”

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When asked about their longevity in the influencer sphere, Star said he was “like an internet cockroach and I just think I’m loveable”.

When asked about his return to social media, Star insisted he had never really left. Star said, “I never really stopped. I took a break, a little break, to really really evaluate life but I always keep it moving”.

The YouTuber said one thing they had learned was to not always respond to feuds and criticism and “keep their f***ing mouth shut”.

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Towards the end of the interview, Jeffree Star also offered his thoughts on new TikTok celebrities and who he thinks will become household names a few years down the line.

Jeffree Star on the BFFs podcastYoutube, BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards
Jeffree Star on the BFFs podcast

Why was Jeffree Star canceled?

In 2020, Star suffered setbacks including a loss of subscribers as a number of scandals built up earlier that year. This was in part due to his close relationship with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson as well as other controversies and drama involving Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

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