Kanye West claims Kai Cenat is an “industry plant” after YZY clothing spat

Michael Gwilliam
kai cenat and kanye west

Rapper Kanye West unloaded on Twitch star Kai Cenat following their brief clothing feud, calling the streamer an “industry plant.”

Kai Cenat was targeted by Kanye West during a recent episode of The Download podcast, where Ye discussed his merchandise and how he’d sent some to the streamer.

“Like, the sh*t that Kai Cenat said, that’s some industry plant sh*t,” West blasted. “He gotta be talking about my pants.”

When pressed on the industry plant remarks, Kanye doubled down, claiming that Cenat’s “genre” was all about “influence and mind control.”

“And then he gotta mention my daughter’s name a week later. It’s like, don’t mention my daughter’s name and then you dissing what’s paying a $200,000 a month child support,” he added.

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The clothing comments are in regards to a feud Kanye and Cenat got into earlier this year after Ye sent the streamer free clothing from his new YZY line that was way too big for him.

During the March 2024 Twitch stream, Kai jokingly tried putting on the YZY sweatpants that were delivered to him to demonstrate a massive size difference.

Kanye didn’t take kindly to Kai’s antics and accused the streamer of making jokes about his clothes, claiming he was instructed to do so.

“F**k you… You was told to diss my sh*t. You a pawn,” Ye said in a series of leaked Instagram DMs.

Prior to the beef over the clothes, Kai revealed that Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, told him that he is her favorite streamer. It’s unclear if this was what Kanye was referring to during his podcast, but it should be noted that this occurred before the two began feuding.

Kai also claimed that he wanted Kick star Adin Ross to do a co-stream with him and Kanye, but according to the rapper’s former manager, YesJulz, that fell through when Adin refused to pony up $1M to charity for the collab to actually happen.

Since being accused of being an industry plant, Kai has responded via a Twitch stream, expressing his bafflement over the feud.

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