What does o22 mean on Instagram?

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Instagram users are putting codes like ‘o22’ on their profiles using the Notes feature, but what do these codes mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram is still one of the most used social media apps, with users sharing and interacting with new content on a daily basis.

One of the latest trends to make its way across the app, and also onto other platforms like TikTok, involves people using the Notes feature to attach a 3-digit code to their profile.

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If you’re confused by codes like ‘022’ popping up on people’s profiles, here’s everything you need to know about what they mean.

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Instagram is popular among millions of users.

What does o22 mean on Instagram?

The code ‘o22’ is part of a bigger list, with each code corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. ‘O22’ corresponds with the letter ‘A.’

People have been using these codes to hint at the initial of their crush, or someone they are interested in. The full list of codes and their corresponding letters is as follows:

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  • A: o22
  • B: o76
  • C: o99
  • D: o12
  • E: o43
  • F: o98
  • G: o24
  • H: o34
  • I: o66
  • J: o45
  • K: o54
  • L: o84
  • M: o33
  • N: o12
  • O: o89
  • P: o29
  • Q: o38
  • R: o56
  • S: o23
  • T: o65
  • U: o41
  • V: o74
  • W: o77
  • X: o39
  • Y: o26
  • Z: o10

This trend has been going viral and baffling people who aren’t in the loop, so now you can join in the trend by selecting a code from the above list.

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