How to see your first-liked Instagram post

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A new TikTok and Twitter trend is seeing people find the first photo they ever liked on Instagram and sharing it with their followers in videos that are garnering thousands of views. Here’s how to check yours.

While TikTok is now the center of viral culture online, Instagram was once perhaps the most popular social media platform out there, and many have had the same account for years, even dating back to when they were teenagers.

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Now, a new trend on TikTok and Twitter is prompting people to find the first post that they ever liked on the platform, and share the results (no matter how embarrassing) with their followers.

People have found everything from memes that used to be popular and celebrities they used to love, and the trip down memory lane has certainly proven to be entertaining for many.

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Thankfully, you won’t have to scroll back through the thousands of posts you’ve liked over the years to find the very first one. Instagram has a feature that makes digging through your activity history on the app fairly straightforward.

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How to find the first Instagram post you liked

Finding the first post you ever liked on Instagram is relatively simple, and just involves you going through a few steps in the settings menu to see it.

Simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on your profile page.
  3. Click the three lines in the top right.
  4. Go into ‘Your activity.’
  5. Tap ‘Interactions,’ then ‘Likes.’
  6. Click on ‘Sort & filter’ and select to sort by ‘Oldest to Newest.’
  7. Tap ‘Apply.’

From there you’ll be able to see all of the posts you’ve liked on Instagram, starting from the very first, and there could be some surprises in there depending on how long you’ve had your account.

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