Valkyrae reveals why Fuslie had to call 911 in the middle of the night

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valkyrae revealed why fuslie had to call 911

100 Thieves Co-Owner Valkyrae has revealed why Fuslie had to call 911 after the fire alarm woke them up in the middle of the night.

In early 2022, Valkyrae went through a series of house transitions that saw the YouTube steamer in the OfflineTV house before moving into a place with Sykkuno, Fuslie, and Kkatamina.

However, Sykkuno announced on April 16 that he was moving back to his house in Las Vegas, claiming that the move was just a “business trip.” This leaves Valkyrae with Fuslie and Kkatamina in the Los Angeles house.

During a recent steam, Valkyrae explained exactly why Fuslie had to call 911 in the middle of the night.

Valkyrae, Fuslie, Yvonnie, Kkatamina
Fuslie, Valkyrae, Kkatamina, and Yvonne all live together.

Valkyrae explains why Fuslie called 911

Shortly after Rae began her April 27 stream, she revealed the situation. “This is why I’m so tired,” she explained.

“We had a fire alarm go off at four in the morning. So yesterday, we had multiple photoshoots for 100 Thieves. I got home, stayed up till about 1 am, and then tried going to bed. All of us got woken up at four in the morning because of the fire alarm,” she said. “It’s saying ‘warning, carbon dioxide levels are high.’ and there was a helicopter outside…

“I was so tired that I went to the alarm to try to figure it out. I also heard Leslie downstairs gasping for air and being dramatic. It was ridiculous. I was really tired, so I just went back to bed.”

(Topic starts at 8:01 in the video)

Valkyrae went on to add that Leslie figured it out by calling 911 as they went to stand outside of the house. Luckily, the fire department explained that they weren’t in any danger and that the alarm was triggered due to a power outage.

This event comes just weeks after Rae revealed she had to sleep with a knife beside her due to “strange noises” coming from outside — afraid that someone was breaking into the house.

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