Valkyrae addresses OfflineTV rumors as 100 Thieves star ‘moves’ into house

valkyrae-offlinetv-rumors-move-houseYouTube: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has shut down rumors that she’s joining OfflineTV after spending more than a week in their house — saying just because she’s taking time out with her friends doesn’t mean she’s leaving 100 Thieves any time soon.

Valkyrae has been friends with members of the OfflineTV crew for a long time now. As a result, she’s been linked to a move to the organization several times in the past, including as recently as February 2021.

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The rumors were dead and buried after she became a co-owner of 100 Thieves, or so it seemed.

They reignited again in December 2021 after she appeared to have ‘moved’ into the OfflineTV house. However, she said it isn’t true and explained why she’s there.

valkyrae-jokes-rflctValkyrae has been staying at the OfflineTV house for more than a week.

“I have been at the OfflineTV house since I did the 48-hour stream,” she said. The stream she’s referring to kicked off on December 15 and ended on December 17, which means she’s been living there for more than a week.

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“I have just been living here because it’s been fun. The lease here is ending, and so people are coming and going. Lily moved out already. Toast and Yvonne will be moving out soon, and so there’s just been a lot of room and space.

Just because I have a lot of friends from different organizations, it doesn’t mean that I’m joining different organizations. I’m not. I have a lot of friends in OTV & Friends. But I am a co-owner of 100 Thieves.”

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She explained that it’s “okay” for content creators to be friends with each other, regardless of which organizations they’re affiliated with.

There is no written rule anywhere where you can’t be friends with people from different organizations,” she laughed.

Rae also confessed that the temporary move has been a detox of sorts, especially after moving on from the RFLCT drama.

“I have been chilling. I’ve kind of been de-stressing. I’ve been going through some stuff, and I’ve been recovering, and I have been happy, honestly! I feel like I’m going through a transitional phase in my life.

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