Valkyrae finally confirms Sykkuno is living with her after weeks of “pretending”

Sykkuno next to ValkyraeInstagram: Sykkuno / Instagram: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has finally confirmed that fellow streaming star Sykkuno has moved into her Los Angeles home with Kim ‘Kkatamina’ Mi-young — despite Sykkuno “pretending” to not be there for weeks.

One of YouTube’s biggest content creators finally has a new housemate. After rotating out of the 100 Thieves house in 2020 and briefly staying with her friends in OfflineTV’s shared property through 2021, Valkyrae has since moved into her own spot.

Residing in sunny LA with Kkatamina, the duo now has a third member under their roof. Having previously teased Sykkuno’s big move out of Los Vegas, it’s now a done deal as Valkyrae confirmed during her latest stream.

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In fact, it turns out the three internet celebs have already been living together for “weeks,” she confirmed, despite Sykkuno teasing his fanbase all the while.

“I am so happy to announce that Sykkuno finally said he lives here,” Rae joked at the start of her February 8 broadcast. Though many watching along quickly informed her that they already picked up on a few clues.

The pair just so happened to be playing Valorant together earlier in the week. It was during that session Sykkuno painted himself into a corner and had to improvise a story. “I found a ukelele,” he said before realizing what he’d said.

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“You found it where? This room you walked into?” Valkyrae fired back while laughing.

“There’s a room in my apartment that I didn’t know was there,” he said. “Just a weird, new room, there it was.”

Outside of their joint streams, attentive fans even picked up on Rae “screeching” in the background a few times while Sykkuno was live.

Finally addressing it all on stream, even she was confused as to why it was all kept under wraps.

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“We talked about having him move in here so much and this dude pretended for like two weeks that he didn’t live here. I didn’t want to be the one to say anything first.”

Despite admittedly “gaslighting” viewers to believe he wasn’t in LA, the truth finally spilled out. 

Now we know for certain: Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Kkatamina will no longer have to act coy on stream.

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