Valkyrae & Fuslie’s new song ‘Echoes’ under fire for “terrible” autotune

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100 Thieves’ song ‘Echoes’ featuring star streamers Valkyrae and Fuslie is coming under fire as critics slam the track for overusing autotune.

On February 19, singer-songwriter Ylona Garcia posted a teaser for her upcoming song ‘Echoes,’ featuring cameos from top streamers Valkyrae and Fuslie in an unexpected collaboration with 100 Thieves.

This wouldn’t be the streamers’ first time delving into the music biz, by far. In fact, Fuslie has released several singles over the last few years, and Valkyrae has appeared in multiple music videos by major artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Bella Poarch.

Fans were excited to see the duo strut their stuff in Garcia’s music video — but the pair actually sang their own verses in the song, with Valkyrae’s vocal performance shocking listeners.


Viewers instantly took to social media to praise the influencers’ latest achievements… but not everyone is a fan of their singing skills.

100 Thieves’ new song ‘Echoes’ under fire for autotune

100 Thieves posted a sneak peek of the song to their Instagram page on February 22, and the comments were overwhelmingly appalled at the supposed overuse of autotune in the track.

Some viewers argued that the autotune took the spotlight away from letting the streamers’ real voices shine, while others compared the track to mainstream “radio music.”

“HAHAHA holy autotune,” one user wrote. “Let’s hear the live studio takes, hey? Guarantee they’ll sound a lot different.”

“I do love my girls, BUT I don’t see the point of editing the voices so much you can’t even recognize them,” another said.

“I love all three of them, but why didn’t you guys just let them use their actual voices instead of all the autotune?” yet another posed. “We know Leslie and Ylona have great voices, and I’m sure Rae does too, even though she doesn’t want to admit she does. But this could be so much better, the whole thing sounds forced.”

Thus far, none of the singers have responded to the criticism at the time of writing, and it’s worth noting that many more fans are praising the song across Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms.

Given Garcia and Fuslie’s previous vocal work, it’s clear that some fans are frustrated they didn’t get a chance to let their talents really shine — but others say that’s just the style of the track.

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