Fuslie stuns Valkyrae & ExtraEmily with tale of how Pokemon led to devastating childhood injury

Liam Ho
Fuslie Valkyrae and ExtraEmily on stream

100 Thieves streamer Fuslie shocked Valkyrae and ExtraEmily with her tale of how she nearly lost her eye as a child due to her excitement for the newest episode of Pokemon.

Pokemon is arguably one of the most iconic franchises out there. Almost everywhere you go people will know the familiar faces of the pocket monsters. This is especially true if you watched the animation series that aired on TV when growing up as a kid.

100 Thieves content creator Fuslie certainly remembers the old Pokemon show, as it caused quite a devastating childhood injury, that almost left them with one eye.

Fuslie was hanging out with content creators Valkyrae and ExtraEmily on a stream together, where she recounted the tale.

Fuslie explains how they almost lost an eye due to a Pokemon episode

The streamer explained how they absolutely adored the TV show for Pokemon, and how running late to the first broadcast of a new ep cause an incident.

“There was an episode and I was late to it. And it was the morning of my brother’s SAT and I wake up late and I’m like ‘Oh my god the newest Pokemon episode!’ I grab my blanket and I’m running and as I get to my mom’s room, I slip on my blanket.

In their hurry, they weren’t too cautious of the blanket they were holding. In a split moment, Fuslie explained how she went head over heels, making contact with her parent’s bed.

“I slip on my blanket and I fall full force into the corner of my mom’s bed. Just like boom, hits my eye, I black out and then I hear my mom screaming. She’s like ‘ahhhh!’ I’m just like blacked out, and I get up and there’s just blood dripping on my hands. I look in the mirror, and there’s a giant hole in my face and there’s just blood dripping down my face.”

Fuseli on Twitter
Fuslie’s love for Pokemon nearly cost them their eye as a child.

Fortunately for Fuslie, they managed to escape with just stitches

“My doctor was like ‘You’re so lucky it didn’t hit your eye cause you would’ve lost your eye’”.

While they might not have been able to catch the Pokemon episode for that day, at least they were able to catch plenty more over the years that followed as a child.

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