Valkyrae “baffled” by Ludwig using RFLCT drama in Mogul Money without warning

valkyrae baffled at ludwig using rflct on mogul moneyYouTube: Valkyrae, Ludwig

Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has revealed that she’s “baffled” at Ludwig using the RFLT drama on Mogul Money without warning, especially when she was supposed to be on the show. 

Ludwig’s Mogul Money is a Jeopardy-inspired game show that the creator live-streams onto his channel, with other influencers starring as the contestants.

On December 1, Valkyrae was scheduled to appear on the final episode of the show.

However, a personal emergency popped up so Fuslie took her spot — and she’s glad she couldn’t go.

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Valkyrae stares off in worry during YouTube stream.YouTube: Valkyrae
The YouTuber has always been open with her fans about her anxiety and nerves.

Valkyrae is glad she missed Mogul Money

When a viewer asked about Valkyrae’s scheduled appearance on the show, she explained that she had a personal emergency the night before and was happy Fuslie accepted the spot.

She then added: “Honestly, I’m glad I couldn’t go. Because Ludwig had the audacity to have a RFLCT category [on the show].

“I was already anxious because of the show and that it’s live-streamed, but then I had a feeling that he would add a skincare or RFLCT category.”

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Rae then explained that she didn’t think Ludwig would actually do that, before realizing that he actually did.

Conversation starts at 14:28

Hofstetter added: “I’m just kind of baffled that he didn’t ask me about it or warn me, so I’m kind of glad I didn’t go. The number of times I heard RFLCT on the show physically pained me.”

Finishing off the conversation, the YouTube streamer explained that she does understand that Ludwig was just trolling, but still doesn’t like when people bring it up.

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Back in October, the 100 Thieves co-owner launched the RFLCT skincare line with the intention of preventing blue-light emission from damaging your skin.

She was quickly met with backlash from those skeptical of the product that led her to start therapy and the end of the product just weeks after launch.

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